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Good morning, My problem is i was under contract with Sky

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Good morning,
My problem is i was under contract with Sky TV for a package witch cost £50.50 per month, I contacted Sky to inform them i was having difficulty in the payments (January 2013) after a long discussion they agreed to reduce my payments to £40.00 per month. Despite this agreement i noticed in May 2013 that they where still deducting the £50.50 each month, i contacted them again by the internet and again after a long question and answer discussion they apologised and stated they would implement the previously agreed £40.00 per month.
On checking my accounts in september 2013 i noticed they where still deducting the £50.50 per month, I contacted them again and following a long discussion where they promised to deal with the problem i was not happy and informed them that i was cancelling my contract with immediate effect. They stated that i must pay a months notice, I informed them that due to the fact that they had breached a verble and recorded internet conversation that they where in breach of contract and as such i was intitled to cancell with immediate effect, i also stated that due to this agreement that they actually owed me monies to the value of £73.50.
They are insisting that i pay them £26.23 as a final payment and have now passed this onto a dept company (CCS collect)
We have contacted Sky on several occassions to attempt to resolve this but they do not respond. I am now worried that i will have a bayliff turn up on my dorrstep demanding monies and that my credit rating will be black listed.
Could you help me to move forward with this to allow my wife and i to get on with our lives in peace
Regards XXXXX XXXXX Nicholson

Sorry to hear about this.

A bailiff will not just turn up like that, first a court judgement has to be issued against you and it is very unlikely that Sky would take you to court over 26 pounds.

Secoondly, as you said there was an express agreement with Sky about your reduced charge and they breached it, so they owe you money. You should contact the debt collector, inform them that their claim has no merit and that it is Sky who owe you money, not the other way round.

You should ask the debt collector to stop contacting you over this alleged debt which you are disputing with Sky.

You may file a court claim for the money owed to you by Sky if you wish at

You have given them plenty of opportunity to pay up or honour their agreement.

Hope this helps
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The CCS letter is threatening that Sky can instruct a dept collector to come to my home or get a county court action, this is harrassment and as stated they are not responding to my communications.

I am a retired man and cannot afford to pay out more money, i have seen on Tv how a dept of 50.00 can esculate into 500 or 1000 when dept collectors get involved and also the bullying and provication used to intimedate people.

How can i stop this with no further cost

You should write a letter to the debt collection agency asking them to stop harassing you and that you are not liable to pay the debt, otherwise you will report them to the police for harassment.

You may also file a court claim against Sky for the refund of the money due to you.

Hope this helps
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

im trying to submit my rating but the page keeps telling me access denied

It is done. Thank you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thanks for your assistance,

regards graham