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I live in a house that was purpose-built as a bank managers

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I live in a house that was purpose-built as a bank manager's family home in the 1920's. We occupy 3/4 of the building and the bank uses the remaining 1/4. There is a poorly maintained flat roof over an extension to the bank. I have been in touch with the estates manager numerous times over the last year about getting the drainage sorted out, but I have not had any reasonable response. At the moment the roof is a pool of stagnant water that is attracting pigeons and will attract midges in the summer. I have a young child who wants to play in his garden without being attacked by flying things! Am I allowed to take action to solve the problem and retroactively charge the bank for sorting things out? This roof in question is not part of the shared roof.

Are you a tenant in the house?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

We own the house outright without a mortgage.


Thank you.

I would advise you to contact the environmental health section of your local authority on an urgent basis and inform them about the health hazard posed to your child, they have the power to intervene and force the Bank to take action to sort this problem out.

You could also notify the bank directly about the problem and give them say 10 days to sort it out or you will get it done yourself and send them the bill for the work, you should let the bank know how much it will cost.

However, if the bank does not pay up, you would have to go to court and there is no guarantee that you will get judgement against the bank, which is why I would contact the local authority and get them to force the bank to take action.

Hope this helps
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks very much. I hadn't thought of contacting the council.