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hi im on a 160 hour 4 week contract and now the company wants

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hi im on a 160 hour 4 week contract and now the company wants to send me to work away for 3 days. The work is only 6 hours a day do the company only have to pay me this or am I entitled to more. They are paying for a hotel and a 12 pounds food allowance.
thank you phil

Ben Jones : Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today. Does your contract say anything about this?

I cant see anything regarding this matter in my contract or employees hand book.

Ben Jones :

Hi, thanks for confirming. You are only entitled to be paid for ‘working time’ so any time which under law is classified as that. Obviously that would include time during which you are working and undertaking your duties (i.e. the 6 hours a day) but may also include other time, such as travelling, when you are travelling as part of your duties. However, that would not include travelling to the workplace, unless the travel is undertaken following "booking on" or reporting to an assigned depot or booking-on point, or time spent travelling outside normal working hours.


Saying that if your contract has nominated a specific place as your workplace and you are expected to travel elsewhere as part of your duties, you can argue that you should be paid for that travel time as you are now going to travel somewhere further than your usual place of work. However, if your contract does not have a specific place of work, then you could be asked to travel to any other site and won’t necessarily be paid for that travel time.,


You should also check if your contract says you can be asked to travel to other sites or if you are limited to only one site. If no flexibility clause exists in that respect and you were given the contract on the assumption you were to work at one location, you could also try and refuse working away, and state you would only agree if you are compensated appropriately – that would then be for you and your employer to try and negotiate on.

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