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i would like to know, if now that we found out that a teacher

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i would like to know, if now that we found out that a teacher privately tutoring a girl of 16-17 started a relantionship with the girl before she was 18 still have to be reported to the school headteacher .I have to mention that everything was found out when the girl just turned 18 for 3 weeks.but iam sure things can be proved even she does not want to accuse him and she is in a relantionship with the man.

LondonlawyerJ :

Hello I am a solicitor with over 15 years experience. I will try to help ou with this.

LondonlawyerJ :

If the tutuor has doen this he has committed a serius offence, bit if the girl feels loyal to him and is unwilling to provide evidence it may be hard to prove. I am not sure what your posiyions is n this and whose head teacher are you referring to? The girl or the tutor?


the tutor's head teacher, they are now at different schools.And she is my daughter.I seriously doubt he should be allowed to be a teacher

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Have you reported this to the police? It seems to me that you need to exercise some care here. Obviously your main concern is for your daughter but you fear this man may be predatory and may do this again. This is a judgment call for you if you inform the tutors headmaster what has happened he may feel obliged to instigate an investigation and may call in the police. In fact he would almost certainly need to do those things. This would lead to your daughter being put in an awkward position. If she doesn't want to get him into trouble it will be very hard, in fact impossible, to compel her to do so. If she did give a statement and he denied it then she could end up giving evidence and being cross examined. That is unlikely to be very pleasant.

Even if she has told people this has been going on, that wold probably not be usable in evidence.

You, I think, need to weigh up the damage to your daughter by reporting this man against the damage by not doing so and decide which is the least bad option.