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Hi My son took a course for gaming he was not working I signed

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My son took a course for gaming he was not working I signed the forms on his behalf. They applied for finance for him to do the course. I thought it was a grant like and I had to pay a contribution to it which was fine at the time.
Now things have changed. My son does not reside with me and he has not done the course in 4 months. I stopped payment. I had a phone call from finance company demanding the money. I explained to them what happened and they said it's not there problem. I signed the finance fiorm and it's my response ability.I said I thought it wAs Grant I was applying for. They want there money which us £135 over month for 36 months.
Where do I stand as regards XXXXX XXXXX paying anymore. I am not working ad it's my sons course not mine.

How old is your son and when did you enter into the contract?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
My son is 22 years old and we entered this last nov.
If the contract is in your sons name and not yours, you may claim that you are not a party to it and are not bound by it if you had your sons consent to sign it on his behalf.

If you did not have his consent, you could be liable for the outstanding payments personally i am afraid and judgement could be entered against you which will affect your credit rating.

Can I assist further?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
The course is in my sons name but the so call finance is in my name. I had his consent to go ahead with it. So I am liable for him.
Thank you.

In that case I am afraid you are liable for the obligations under the contract. If you are able to negotiate a lump sum settlement payment, that may be ideal for you, otherwise like I advised, a court judgement may be entered against you which could affect your credit rating.

Hope this helps
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