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So that implies that a harassment under s2 alone( not more

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So that implies that a harassment under s2 alone( not more than one time thereby not persistent) will not be sufficient.

Alex Hughes :

Yes that's right.

Alex Hughes :

I have looked at your previous Q&A's and have seen the circumstances of the alleged incident

Alex Hughes :

The case does not appear to be serious enough for a prison sentence or curtailment.

Customer: Thank you.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi, you said that you reviewed my case. Based on that can you please give me an estimation as to how likely it is that police will just end up giving me a caution under the current circumstances?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
An additional general query is that does police consider giving a caution (simple or conditional) in every low level summary and first time offense with an evident unlikelihood of the reoccurrence of the offense?
Hello there -

I don't think I said I had reviewed your case - I had looked at previous Q&A's between you and my colleague.

But i'd be happy to review the case and give you an opinion. You will have to post a separate question though and tell me in detail exactly what happened.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
My details are given below.
26th January 2013- 5th July 2013
I started contacting with one of my ex colleagues on 26 th january 2013 through Facebook msg.( she showed interest to me and I showed interest to her as well while working together but eventually nothing further happened and naturally I don't have any evidence to that effect though some of her wordings might indicate that). I did not know she had boy friend at that time and she shockingly asked me to stop contacting. I was devastated but apologised to her and assured her of no contact.

Then she made it clear through her Facebook status that she broke up with her the then boyfriend. Later on I sent her a msg and she said the same again. Then I apologised again and stopped virtually contacting her since then
After that I congratulated on her exam success
I don't see what the crime is here. Who exactly has said that you've committed a criminal offence?
Am I missing something. The description you've given does not support a crime of harassment. Is there more to it?