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I have accepted an offer for my home (5 bedroom listed house)

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I have accepted an offer for my home (5 bedroom listed house) this is 25,000 below my asking price. The buyers have now sent a builder (only one) to look around and he has produced a quote for them at £28,000, I have seen th quoteand thi includes work which is entirely unnecessary ie. ripping out a floor which is only 5 years old, (7,000), taking out nother floor (5,000) again, this floor is in good condition although it is old. They now want me to drop another 25,000. I am thinking of refusing this as I cannot afford to accept a lower price. I have lived, off and on in this house for over sixty years and I have no income apart from letting spare bedrooms.

Can you give me some advice please. I would add that my buyers live in the Congo (he is working for th UK government doling out aid to the country.

I am thinking of getting another builder to quote for the work, on my own as their builder charges £63.50 ph. which sounds axcessive to me but I may be wrong there.

Thank you,

Anthea Fisher

tdlawyer :

Hello, welcome to the website. My name isXXXXX can assist you with this.

tdlawyer :

There is no point in getting in your own builder if you think they are doing this deliberately to reduce the purchase price for the property. You would be throwing money at something which isn't going to go anywhere. You need to figure out whether they're genuine, or whether you think they're just trying to reduce the price.

tdlawyer :

Obviously, if they're genuine and they think the work needs doing, then telling them their own builder is excessive is acceptable.


Their builder has told them that one of the floors is chipboard. This wrong, it is not and I would never have put a chipboard floor in this house. The boards are probably pine (quite acceptable), The size of the room is 414cm x 440cm. not large. £7,000 is ridiculou even if he uses green oak (proposed) and that is not particularly expensive. The buyers have lived abroad for years and have no experience in repairing old houses.

tdlawyer :

Okay. I understand your points. Did you get other offers for the house in the same sum or thereabouts?

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I think you might have rated the answer too soon, unless you didn't want me to follow up = which I will briefly do now.

I was just going to say that it's a case of seeing whether somebody else might want to purchase at the figure you want, if you have to, as you can avoid this agreement going through at any time until a contract is signed for the sum requested.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks Tony, I might just pull out. I would add though, that the couple have seen the house and were very impressed. I pointed out what needs to be done to it. Having been here off and on, more off than on, for so long, it was my father's house, I know it inside out. The builder is just looking for things to put on his quote.



Yes, quite possibly, you never know with some people whether it's incompetence or deliberately trying to increase figures!

Hope you manage to get a sale at the sum you want though.

Have a good Easter.