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hi, please an you help me can a residence order be changed

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hi, please an you help me can a residence order be changed my child is now 12 it was a lenghty court case my sons thoughts feelings and wishes were never counted hes beeen placed in the republic of ireland there has always been concerns he recently visited me and my son he has told me alot i am frightened dont know where to turn he said over here he will talk but to scared over there no one involved when court decided it was on a payne on payne my son went to ireland for christmas and never come back i was and always up front and honest and went to every court it was private then public an ico was placed a differant judge got involved it was an immensey messy confusing traumatisig case the dad failed 2 drug test ssocial services paid him to take me to court my sons have been immensley taumatied still are and very scared i as my younger son feel hlples as i cannot protect him he s suffering significant halm and alot more to scared to tell anyone please help us thees so much more there was alot of lies in the court to about me and my sons my son whom s now 16 is with me he was placed in care by the guardian she was very unsupportive and only spoke to my sns for half hour was on my side first then changed my son in care then come unde the mental health act my othe son been left we all have have had no help from anyone even thou my mental health my childhod a condition called lupus went against me we all just been left deeply worride about my son and cant turn anywhere as i will be accused of destabilising both my children threatened self halm when removed from me my young son is to scared to talk and gets threats i have many recordings sorry im going on need serious help kind regards XXXXX XXXXX going to ring the papers but where would that get me the dad was never fully pyscholically assesed and i was in a 6 yr abbusive relationship with him yet none of that was brought up just all about me he lied under oath he has problems hiself in a year in the private court proceedings he failed 2 drug and alcohol test they have just left my son also bein bullied at school for beng british is so extremley unhappy feels hes being punished hates life wants to come home he said he cannot talk to anyone over there he to scared and his dad tells hm he must say all is great its unbearable what i know and that i am to scared and so is my sons to say anything.
Thank you for your question.
My name is Clare
I will do my best to help you but I need some further information first.
Where is your son living at the moment?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

He's residing with his dad in the Republic of Ireland.

Then I shall transfer you to the correct section as t e matter will be dealt with under the law there
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

If my young son whom is born in the UK and I still have Parental Rights, discloses concerns in the UK, will it be this country protecting him, listening to him and would it be this country who decides what would be in his best interests. Will his thoughts, feelings and wishes be listened to as he continually wanting to come back to the UK as he's never wanted to live in Ireland, it was forced upon him. At the time of the lengthy court proceedings, his thoughts, feelings and wishes were not listened too, he was told to lie by his father, he has no one he can talk too. There is a lot going on for my son that are of concern but I am too afraid and so is my son to say anything unless he goes into care. I've been offered no help since they took my son yet they said I had mental health issues. My son has ODD and it's not being addressed at all in Ireland.


Want help could this country do for my son while he is here? He has a British Passport and deeply wants to come home.

I am sorry but the legal position is clear - any change in the residence arrangements for your son HAVE to be dealt with in Eire.
You can certainly report your concerns to Social Services whilst he is in the UK - but I am afraid if you wish to change his living arrangements you have to make the application in Eire
I know that this is not the news you wish to hear but sadly it the position that you are in
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