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Our neighbour is spraying poisons over our garden fence to

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Our neighbour is spraying poisons over our garden fence to kill plants close to the borderline between our two gardens the result is our shrubs & plants are dying with a concern not just about the affect on our garden but more worryingly the affect it may be having on our young children as all stuffed with breathing issues last year which has not happened before as where we discovered where they were spraying was near a play area for the children.

The question is what are my rights to stop this practice from happening & coming over into my garden?

I should add that we have comforted our neighbours on this who are elderly with a response of a don't care attitude & confirmation that they had been spraying chemicals!


Hello Derek,

You should urgently get in touch with the environmental health section of your local authority and raise this issue with them, the council has the power to take enforcement action against your neighbours to make them stop what they are doing.

You may also sue your neighbours for causing damage to your property and personal injury for the breathing issues being caused to your family.

If you simply want them to stop spraying the chemicals, you may get a local solicitor to write them a letter asking them to stop or face legal proceedings including getting an injunction against them to make them stop what they are doing
The police may also be interested if they are causing criminal damage to your property and you may give them a call and see whether they are willing to take action against your neighbours.

Being elderly is no excuse for them.

Can I assist further?
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you very much for your advice & we will now consider the options you have outlined to take further etc.

Kind Regards

Welcome and thank you for your positive feedback.

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