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A company called "JUVESIIO" put a "Drop Down" on my computer

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A company called "JUVESIIO" put a "Drop Down" on my computer offering a free trial of a skin product, the only cost being a small amount for postage. This amount I paid using my MasterCard credit card. On checking my credit card account I find that £87.00 has been taken out by this company. I sent them an e-mail requesting the return of this unauthorised payment but have had no response. I also tried to make contact by phone but was told that the "system" was down and to phone at a later date. Checking up on this company I found numerous people who had a similar experience of what appears to be a scam. Could you advise me on what action is open to me?

Thank you for your question. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try to help with this.

Where is the company based?

Have you reported the issue to the police?

Have you reported the issue to the credit card company?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have no idea where the company is based

The matter was not reported to the police

I did report the matter both to my bank and to the card company

You can always report this to the credit card company and ask them to deal with it as a fraud as they are taking money without the cardholder's consent.

If the amount was over £100 you could have filed a section 75 Consumer Credit Act claim which puts liability for this on to the card company along with the merchant.

Presumably, this company is based in some other country and therefore if you cannot get the £80 back from the merchant, you are going to have to push the issue with the bank. The bank have the ability to remove the facility to take credit card payments from the merchant and I think the bank is in breach of its duty of care by continuing to accept these payments when the problem with this is widely known.

I think you will struggle to get the money back from the merchant although I do know people who have had money back under similar circumstances from different companies. If you don't get it back from the merchant, and I think you need to press the credit card company very hard and if necessary make a formal complaint to the Financial Ombudsman.

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