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I live in the UK. I located and rented a two bedroom property,

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I live in the UK. I located and rented a two bedroom property, for five days convalescence stay, in Budapest from a UK owner and paid using Paypal, with a reputable company online.

When arriving, there were a number of minor problems regarding the highly appointed property and two significant problems, which negatively impacted on our stay - not only the direct impact, but the continued communication and anticipation of a resolution.

The property should have had wifi connection (this was essential for my personal and business needs), despite being able to log-in in other Budapest locations, it did not work in the apartment. The heavy, external wooden blinds in the main bedroom and lounge were damaged and unusable - omitting natural lights and views out of the property during the day and compromising privacy at night through the broken areas. The owner acknowledged the problems on the first night and gave assurances that they would be resolved. After at least 3 texts, the wifi remained unresolved for the whole duration and the blinds were repaired by 2.00pm our penultimate day - 23hrs prior to our departure.

The owner offered a refund of 23% (£5 per night and £10 per night for the blinds - these were not advertised prices in their webpage listing). I do not feel this comes close to compensating for the inconvenience. I accept that we have been able to access and use some amenities and recognise that would incur a cost. However, the problems significantly impacted negatively on our stay and (even with a 23% discount) I would not have chosen to stay at this property with these faults.

I thank you for your time and would welcome your comments.

If you have a UK address for the owner and as you say he is in the UK, you may ask for a greater amount as compensation, possibly 75% of what you paid if you feel that is reasonable, giving the owner say 10 days to pay the amount or face legal action.

If the owner still fails to pay up, then you may make a court claim online at

Hope this helps
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

As this was arranged through a reputable website, I currently have an e-mail address, a Budapest address and a mobile telephone number. I also have the gentleman's business card, which has a UK place of work address. Will this affect my ability to request an increased compensation for my spoilt stay?


In anticipation of your continued support, many thanks.



No, it will not affect your ability to make a claim in the UK, you may use the UK work address to send your court claim to.

All the best and please take a second to rate my answer
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for your clarity. Finally, if successful in my claim, am I also able to claim my costs back? Many thanks

If it is a small claim, legal costs are not recoverable.

See here for further information on this

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