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Hi Jo We contracted with holidays to fly to Vancouver

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Hi Jo

We contracted with virgin holidays to fly to Vancouver and stay in the Listel hotel in whistler , we booked via the phone in April 2013. Clearly stating we were looking for a ski holiday at the crystal lodge in whistler , virgin advised the Listel hotel next door, we agreed and booked ,

On arrival in Vancouver in February this year we found we were booked in a hotel in Vancouver , we complained to virgin holidays and were moved to the correct hotel , but had to pay for transport, and a further charge for the hotel,

We have writer to virgin and they have declined our claim for out of pocket expenses, saying they cannot prove our claim that virgin booked the wrong hotel

Please can you advise

How much are you claiming and di you have receipts to back your claim?

Do you have the booking confirmation from Virgin for the correct hotel and any evidence that you were taken to the incorrect hotel?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi. We are claiming for the transport to an from Vancouver to whistler and the extra £600 that we had to pay to relocet from the Vancouver hotel to the whistler hotel.

1 the booking confirmation we received showed the Vancouver address, but as we were flying into Vancouver , we were not aware there were two hotels of the same name one I. Whistler and one in Vancouver.

I enclose my email to virgin holiday and their response to me
The enclosed cheque was not enclosed

My email to virgin holiday

HI Sarah

Many Tanks for your email and ref number, as below,At this point I woudls like to clairy what our issue is, and what we require from Virgin Holidays.

1. This holiday was book via telephone on 13th April 2013, via the Vigin Smow brochure. On booking we placed , via a call to Helen on your Booking team.
at the time of the call we asked for Whistler resort and our preference was for the Crystal Hotel in resort, we also asked for an option for a costing for a two city tour spending time in Vancouver, but whilst on the call decided this would be too expensive, Helen then advised us to book the Listel Hotel in Whister as an alternative to the Crystal Hotel. as better option
We agreed that we would take this option, We belived we had booked for 10 days in Whistler at the Listel Hotel. as we didn't want to drve , Helen offered the Priate transfer option that we thought was good value for money.

2. When the confirmation came through we were not aware that there were two Listel Hotels , and that we had been booked into the one in Vacouver!!!

3. We spend months and many phone calls to virgin Holidays trying to gert a cost for Ski Passes for the Whistler resport, and at no time did your customer relations dept say we were booked into Vancouver and not Whistler, Finally we got as a quote from your team in September for approx £950 for Lift Passes, we decided then to book these direct with resort, saving us over £100.00 I was a little dismayed at this time regarding the poor service offered for lift passes, considering you are offing Ski holidays to this resort. .

4. On arrival at Vancouver it became very clea there had been a mix up , as we belived we were going to Whistler and our private transfer was booked for Vancouver. Our private Transfer company confirmed with the Listel In Vancouver , that we were booked in for 10days. We called your site rep Sophie, who may I say was brilliant and could not do enough to help. At this point what we didnt know was we were also booked in at the Listel in Whistler too. but under the name XXXXX XXXXX!! Sophie coulld not find our booking at the Listel Whislter, saying they were fully booked As you can understand we had arrived in Vancouver expecting to go to Whistler with two big Ski packs and assoiciated luggage We arrived very tired and emotional at Thr Listel in Vancouver and Sophie promised to arrange the Hotel and Taxi to Whistler the next day.

5. Sophie called us early 9th Feb to say the mix up was ours, and that Virgin had advised that we were informed of the further cost to stay in Whistler in Sept 2013 approx £950.0. This is not correct as a stated earlier , we were always stayng in Whistler, and the quote was for lift Passes. We paid virgin a further £616.16 plus a taxi fee of £151.29. we also had to pay for an evening meal in Vancouler and the Taxi fee back from Whistler to Vancouver.The Taxi arranged to collect us in Vancouver was not suitable and could not carry ous so we had to waite for further transport, only arriving at lunbch time , and our room was not ready untill 4pm , thus missing the use of one day of our lift pass.

6. On checking in at Whistler, our reservation was marked with No Show, and when we questioned this, it was explained that we had not arrived for our reservation yesterday, our room was reserved on the 4th of February, and our welcome back had been waiting for us for some time. but in the Name of XXXXX XXXXX. The reservations Manager at The Listel can confirm this as we have spokent to her on site, and she asks that you contact her for further information.

To this end, as we place this Booking with Virgin in Good faith we requer the following to be refunded

£616.16 Hotel charge
£161.29 taxi from Vancouver to Whistler ( incl Tip)
£71.05 taxi fare from Whistler to Vancouver

£71.00 credit promsed by Sophie for the cost of the privastre transfer from Whistler to Vancouver.
£110.02 cost of 1 days Ski Pass x 2 people $cad 99.0 ea @55566 cad/gbp

total refund required £1029.52

Please do not hesitate to contact me should have any further questions , Please can you confirm that this matter will be resolved by 9th March 2014 as stated in your original email

Its clear at this time that this is genuinely a mix up by Virgin Holidays and we are requesting the floowing refund

On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 10:50 AM,[email protected] wrote:

If you contact us, please have this number handy: 126458

Your booking ref:W13/2834523

10 February 2014

Dear Miss Cunningham

Thanks for your e-mail about your recent Virgin Holiday, we'd like to
confirm it's arrived with us safely.

What we'll do now is look in to the details, and a member of the team will
come back to you as soon as we can. It may take us a little time to
investigate any points you've raised, but what we can guarantee is we'll
get back to you within 28 days. If we're unable to give you a full
response within this time, we'll keep you up to date with what's happening.

In the meantime if you have any questions, you can give us a call on 0844 (NNN) NNN-NNNN(Option 2).

Kindest regards

Sarah McPherson
Customer Relations

Virgin Holidays Limited. Registered Office: Company Secretariat, The Office, Manor Royal, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 9NU. Registered in England, No.(NNN) NNN-NNNN

Their response

If you contact us, please have this number handy: 126458

Miss L Cunningham
3 Stirling Close
Greater Manchester

Your booking ref:W13/2834523

25 March 2014

Dear Miss Cunningham

Thank you for taking the time to write to us.

Naturally, I’m disappointed to read that upon arrival into Vancouver, it was discovered that you were booked into a hotel within the City rather than in their sister hotel in Whistler; I can imagine how upsetting this would have been for you.

I understand that our resort team and Duty Office have already looked into this and as you may be aware, the telephone call to us has not been found. This is either because the call was not recorded or the telephone number was withheld at the time of the call.

With this in mind, we have not been able to establish or verify what was discussed at the time of the booking and we are therefore only able to rely upon and be guided by the documents we sent to you.

The invoices sent to you detailed the Listel Hotel but I note that it does not specify its location. However, the transfers confirmed on your invoice confirm a transfer between Vancouver Airport and Vancouver Hotel.

The itinerary which was sent to you with your tickets as well as the accommodation voucher both confirmed the address of the hotel as being in Vancouver.

I acknowledge that you contacted us regarding lift passes prior to your departure. Our service consultant would not have been required to review the hotel part of your booking because the passes are booked as a separate component. When you called and requested a price for ski passes in Whistler, a quote would have been provided on this component alone and we would not have had to review the accommodation in order to quote this to you.

I’m unable to find any record of us sending a booking notification to the Listel in Whistler and they have been unable to provide us with paperwork to this effect. Furthermore, our system cannot book anything electronically in Sarah’s name because our system uses only the Lead Name in any paperwork being sent. I can only surmise that there has been a reservation problem within Listel itself.

Whilst I’m glad that Sophie was able to arrange for you to be transferred to the Listel in Whistler the following day, I’m sorry that this carried a charge and I’ve noted your request for a refund of this.

The Listel in Whistler does carry a higher price than its sister City hotel and as such, the price you paid locally would have been what would have been payable had the hotel been booked from the start.

The price we charged you for the transfers was based on Vancouver Airport to the Vancouver Hotel and as such, you weren’t charged for anything incorrectly.

I’ve noted your request for a refund of £1029.52 and I’m afraid we are unable to agree to this. We are able to agree to a refund of the unused transfer from the Vancouver Hotel to Vancouver Airport and our cheque for £70.51 is enclosed.

I do appreciate that this is some distance from what you are expecting and I’m sorry for any disappointment or upset this would cause.

I very much hope that despite the above, you did enjoy your time in Canada and you are able to remember the holiday for only the right reasons.

Yours sincerely

Siobhan Lovell
Customer Relations
0844(NNN) NNN-NNNNoption 2

Samantha Hall
Customer Relations Administrator

Tel: 01144 (0)(NNN) NNN-NNNNOption 2
Email:[email protected]
Address: The Galleria, Station Road ,Crawley, West Sussex,RH10 1WW

Virgin Holidays Limited. Registered Office: Company Secretariat, The Office, Manor Royal, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 9NU. Registered in England, No.(NNN) NNN-NNNN
Thank you.

You may now file a court claim for the money which you are seeking i.e. 1029.52 on the grounds of their negligence.

You may do so online here at

Your claim will be against Virgin Holidays Limited. Registered Office: Company Secretariat, The Office, Manor Royal, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 9NU. Registered in England, No.(NNN) NNN-NNNN

I expect the compnay to settle the matter with you out of court once you issue court summons.

Can I assist further?
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