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My son, a UK citizen and British trained doctor living in Australia

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My son, a UK citizen and British trained doctor living in Australia wishes to visit us, his parents, with his Nepalese fiancé for three weeks holiday. He has submitted both his and his fiance's work status, financial situation and we have written a letter stating we accept responsibility for accommodation here. Today we learned that someone in the Philipines has rejected her application as they are not satisfied she will be allowed to return to Australia even though she has residency and Australia do not provide written evidence of that. Also despite my son having earnings of half a million dollars per annulment and his fiancée has ten thousand dollars for the trip as well as we ourselves live in a very large five bedroom home and my husband is a hospital consultant.. How can we address this and find out what information is really required. Had we been told clearly in the beginning this would never have happened. His fiancé will now have unnecessary trouble because of this rejection due to the official 's incompetence

chatham-chamber :

Hi, has the application been refused by the UK Border Agency post in the Phillipines?

chatham-chamber :

When are your son and his fiancee planning on travelling?

chatham-chamber :

Have they been given the right to Appeal?

Customer: Yes the visa application was submitted in Brisbane but rejected by someone in Manila. There were no contact details given so my son and his fiancé will have to fly from Mackay down to Brisbane losing a couple of days pay.
chatham-chamber :


chatham-chamber :

I would assume that a Right of Appeal would have been granted. The problem with this is that it can take several months before the Appeal is heard in the UK

chatham-chamber :

If your son is planning to travel in the not too distant future, I would suggest submitting a fresh application. He will need to deal with the points of refusal in any fresh application which is submitted.

chatham-chamber :

The alternative is to Appeal, but it is likely that he may not receive a decision until the end of the year.

Customer: They were planning to leave on June 7th. Being in private practice it is difficult to change leave times. They have not been given leave to appeal as far as I know but plan to go to Brisbane. Apparently they submitted all their bank details but were not told they had to have the bank stamp the submitted statements to verify them, so they were not accepted as valid
chatham-chamber :

Hi, if this is the case, I would definitely suggest submitting a new application. Any appeal is not likely to be dealt with prior to 7th June 2014.

Customer: We are trying to reapply, but there seems to be a perverse attitude by which there is a reluctance on behalf of the authorities to tell us clearly what is needed . They apparently do not accept that our home address I'd on his passport what would it take to convince that we have lived here for over thirty years, my husband is even a deputy lieutenant of the county!
Customer: My son is so annoyed that he wishes to sue them for his loss of earnings etc. is this feasible
Customer: I would like a reply to my final legal question
Customer: The information is confirmation of what we intended to do. It would have been helpful to know how to contact the people we need to deal with to find out what information is required
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you for your advice to choose a new application over an appeal process. I have sent a text to my son to that effect and hope we may be successful. Thank you.