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I am a retired 65 year old Australian pensioner, living in

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I am a retired 65 year old Australian pensioner, living in Yorkshire with my wife of 8 years. She has a full time job, my pension is set for life, and I need to apply for a spousal visa. It looks as if I may have to return to Australia to lodge the documents and wait there for them to be approved. This seems an enormously expensive and useless exercise. I have a brother in Australia with whom I can stay, but I might just as well spend the time immersed in ice somewhere. In other words, it will be a dreadful experience. I can't afford to spend money on accommodation plus air fares simply to post some documents. My application is entirely legitimate, no problems at all. Can you suggest any way to lodge my documents without going all the way to Australia? I am here on a visitors (family) visa. Thanks.

I do not understand, you say you are here on a family visitors visa but on the other hand you say you have been living here for 8 years?

When did your visa expire?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No, we've been married for 8 years. We lived in Australia and moved back to Yorkshire in January this year. I entered on a visitors visa, my wife on her UK passport.

My visitors visa expires on the 18th July.


Thank you.

I am afraid you cannot switch to a spouse visa from within the UK, infact, you are lucky to have been allowed entry into the UK if your intention was not to visit here but instead be a resident.

You will need to return back to Australia and apply from there for a spouse visa, there is no other way I am afraid unless you wish to enter into a long, expensive and uncertain battle with the UK Home Office.

Sorry, but I can only advise you truthfully. Please take a second to rate my answer and ask if you need further help.
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