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In February this year(2014) my girlfriend of 16 years and I

Customer Question

In February this year(2014) my girlfriend of 16 years and I split up. The relationship was not working. In the past 16 years we have split four times, and got back together four times.
In 2009 we both went into a partnership of buying a VW campervan, splitting all the costs incurred 50/50.
We have kept records of expenditure with receipts.
Question is, what rights do we both have over the costs of the campervan.
1) If we sell the van, we split the sale amount 50/50.

2) If one of us buy's the other out, what is the entitlement, is it:-

a) To buy out the other for half of the actual monies spent, which is £14,338.82 has been spent in TOTAL over the last 5 years (insurances, parts, MOT's, repairs, fuel/oil etc., etc..), so half would be £ 7169.41.

She has now said that the expenditure on fuel, oil, insurances, rail fares to go to see the vehicle, B&B one night stay to collect the vehicle, a total of £1387.37, should not be included in the total monies spent.
The total then becomes £12951.45, half being £6475.73.

b) To sell the campervan, and split monies 50/50...whatever the result is.
We have been told that the campervan is worth between £8,000 - £10,000.

My Ex has offered £4,500, to buy me out of the deal....saying that we both will take a "hit" on our monies that we have put into the project.
The "hit" is either £7169.41 (exact half of ALL monies spent) OR £6475.73 (half of monies LESS expenditure of fuels/Oil/Insurances/rail fares/B&B) LESS her offer of £4,500, thus the hit on me is either (note she will have the campervan),
a) £7169.41 - £4500.00 = £2669.41 EACH
b) £6475.73 - £4500.00 = £1975.73 EACH
She says that the "hit" would be the "use" that we have had with the van over 5 years, thus equates to
a) £533.88 pa
b) £395.15 pa

If she keeps the campervan, and sells at a later date, she may take a "hit" or she may make a knows. It is a classic 1971 VW Type2 Baywindow Campervan (iconic).

We went into the agreement as 50/50.

What is the entitlement in this situation??

Many thanks,
John P.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  UKSolicitorJA replied 4 years ago.

The problem here lies in your agreement with her, although it was an agreement for 50/50, you did not agree it would be 50/50 of what which has now led to your questions.

It would really depend on both your intentions, conduct etc. over the course of the 5 years, a court would expect both of you to work it out amicably rather than waste its time trying to see what the agreement was.

I would suggest that you both agree mutually to say sell the van and each takes the sale proceeds equally, or one of you buys out the other at fair market value.

If one of you buys or keeps the van, and there is a profit on it in a few years time, that would be tough luck on the other party.

Can I help further?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

For UKSolicitorJA only please,

Hello, thank you for your reply, sorry for my delay, but I have been working shifts.

Ok in your reply you state "or one of you buys out the other at fair market value"

Do you mean, by fair market value?


1) Market value 10k, buyout value 5k, being half market value.


2) Market value 10k, buyout value 10k, being full market value.


I think I know the answer, but do not wish to second guess, for obvious reasons.


Many thanks, again.


John Perrin.

Expert:  UKSolicitorJA replied 4 years ago.
Hello again,

Your first option I.e. If fair market value today is £10K, each of you would be entitled to £5K, so one of you pays the other £5K and get to own the campervan.

All the best, please remember to leave feedback
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

For solicitor UKSolicitorJA only,


If this goes into dispute, what rights does each party have regarding the use, and any further expenditure on the vehicle, without permission/agreement of the other party?


- Can the one party be refused use of vehicle, by the other?


- If one party wishes/continues to use the vehicle, so renews insurance, and MOT without permission of the other, do they by default, accept full responsibility, and liability of the vehicle and costs.

Which, in turn by default, they agree to accept amount requested by the other party for settlement/buy-out of that parties half of the vehicle?


Insurance renewal due May 2014, MOT due June 2014.

The vehicle due be used May/June 2014.

Vehicle insured for £12,000.00.

Estimated market value from one scource VW mechanic, and by other party scourcing on Ebay. (£8,000 - £10,000)

Dispute (buy-out share) value £5,000.00


Many thanks.



Expert:  UKSolicitorJA replied 4 years ago.
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