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Social services

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My son was falsely accused when he was 13 of bullying two younger boys aged 9 & 6 of indecently assaulting a two and a halft young girl. My son was taken to the police station for questioning were he was then arrested. After two hours with everdance I had to find myself my son was let off with a courshion saying that if he got into trouble again he would have to take this to court. After a year he was taken off the attrisk list that social survives had continued to carry on. By the end of this time social services new if things were done differently in the first place this could have all been avoided. A few month after this social services contacted me to ask if I would attend a conference with all different professions to give my view of what was done wrong and how I feel matters could have been done to enprove things, which I did. Now 22 years on my husbands nephew decided to put his 13year old daughter out my son was begged by her mother to take her for a week or so untill she could sort things out as ss would take her into to care this has gone on for a few weeks SS came to my sons and as he and his partner was were she wanted to stay and there had seen a good improvement my son said she could stay as she and her family were known to SS that was fine untill last night. SS turned up at his home after doing a police check informed my son that it came back saying he had been courshion and admitted sexual assault on a child. There have told him he has to leave his home as he can't have contact with his 5 yr old son or the girl in there care, there have contacted the mothers of his other children informed them he has to have know contact and to go into there office this morning, that he could possibility get a supervised contract meeting in future this could take about 40 days or more to get all there checks done then go from there. His partner is heavily pregnant and that he might not be able to be at the birth and if he was it would have to be supervised.. I have had to take my grandson away from his dad when there were still there. My son has a got into a few boyish trouble as a youngster but nothing to do with children mainly car stuff. He works hard loves his family he's devastated.. By biggest fault was I never got a solicitor years ago would you advice he gets one now.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law