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our social club was put into the hands of a receiver and after

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our social club was put into the hands of a receiver and after the debts were paid off including sale of building there was a amout of money left over which was shared out to the members who were all entitled to one share each after it was shared it became apparent their was a life member left off of members list so did not get their share I contacted the receivers about this and have put back in my court we were a ltd company so dont know if this reflects on any answer you might have
thanks martin

Has this member demanded their share of the pay out and who was in charge of compiling the distribution list?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

this list of members was taken from membership book also each member when renewing their membership at jan of each year was asked to fill out a slip with their current address and telephone no plus e mail address this was mainly seen over by ass.secretary. when i checked back through the slip this ladys wasn't there another point at the final meeting of members of club although was not compulsory to be at that meeting the members were asked to check the register to make sure there names were there this was looked after by my self tth former secretary

Thank you.

If the member doesn't make a claim for the money, then there is no problem.

If the member makes a claim, then all the other members should be asked to give back a very small part of the money they received so that this member who was left out may be paid.

Alternatively, you may pay off the member from your own funds or get some of the other members to help you pay off this member.

Can I assist further?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

if this member decides to take it further how do we stand as i understand a limited company debts are only as far as the company not any one person

Yes, correct, their claim would be against the company, not other members as it is a limited company and if it has no assets, it is unlikely they will get anywhere.

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