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Hi my partner took out a 7k loan from my joint account (he

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Hi my partner took out a 7k loan from my joint account (he was added recently) and did not tell me and buy a car. What can I do - I did not approve or sign anything?

Did he take the money out of the joint account without your permission?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes - the loan was paid into the joint account. I then noticed this - he used it to pay for a Audi TT.


He now says its our car.


I was not aware of the loan application, the car purchase or the use of money.


I don't want to be responsible for this debt. In fact, I want to stop this account as I have lost trust.



Thank you.

You are not liable for the loan as you did not agree to it and are not a party to it.

The fact that the loan was paid into your joint account does not make you liable to repay it.

The car which he bought with the loan is also not your problem as you did not but it and neither did you agree to your partner buying it.

You may close the joint account if you wish by contacting the bank.

Can I help further?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The loan was joint and against my joint account (i did not sign anything, and did not know anything).


Is your reply correct under this circumstance? The bank cannot ask me to pay?




No as you did not agree to it and you should inform the bank that you had not consented to the loan and are not liable for it.

No one can enter into a debt on your behalf without your consent.

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