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I have a problem with a son who I was in partnership with,

Customer Question

I have a problem with a son who I was in partnership with, after being verbally by his wife and physically abuse by one of his son. I decide to get out of Bristol. I have reasons to believe he has turned me and his mother over for a lot of money. We were under duress when we had to sign out of the company, We had built a new 4 bed house adjoining the house we lived in. The house we lived and brought in Bristol was brought for £360000.
we gave my son £306000 yet he takes a £224000 mortgage on it. Firstly I asked where the rest of the £530000 went too, I also asked where the money from a property we sold which we had rented out and the £30000 he was paid over the sale price by the buyer.
I have paid two solicitors to get me the answers but nothing. we refuse to sign out of the house we lived in and a further house we had rented out. I am 77 and we are now living on state pensions. I have had to cancel the solicitor in London as there is no way we can afford the cost. Put £45K in with my son in around 2002 he was in partnership he has fell out with him. I said I would sign out of the properties if he pays me back my £45K.
What I need to know as I have been threaten by his solicitor that they are going to take me to court if I don't sign out of the properties.
So can I get legal aid to fight this matter

Regards A.P.Edwards
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law