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A friend has died intestate. surviving relatives believed to

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A friend has died intestate. surviving relatives believed to be in Australia. Estate value approximately £10-15 thousand pounds. Local solicitor advised that legal costs would be too great for them to take this on and that Letters of Administration may not be required and that I might wind the estate up myself, contact surviving relatives and distribute nett estate to them . There is a possible liability due to overpayment of state pension, otherwise only the cost of funeral and final electric / phone and outstanding rent to pay. Would I still be advised in this case to seek other legal representative to handle the matter,and not continue myself. So far have just registered the death, arranged funeral and informed DWP and Council Tax Benefit dept of the death.
Thank you.

I agree with the advice you have received so far, the size of the asset is rather insignificant to warrant appointment of solicitors as the legal costs will quickly eat up whatever funds are held in the estate.

Once all outstanding liabilities have been settled, you may distribute the remaining funds to the relatives and wind up the estate yourself.

It is unlikely that grant of letters of representation will be required due to the small size if the estate and the fact that no land or property is involved.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for your answer. One other question regarding this, the lady left some funds in cash at her home, a reasonable amount, what is the best way to handle this? I wanted to set up an estate account for the money but my bank could not do this in this case, since not under probate. I would prefer not to be holding cash in this way. There is still a bank account in her name with the Post Office, I have notified them by phone of her death, they are sending forms to me for release of funds. But there is still need for a safe place to hold her money until liabilities settled and relatives found. Many thanks

I am afraid not unless the post office accepts the funds and credits them into her account. No account can now be opened in her name as she is no more.