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Hi I need to find a solicitor to help me in setting up a charity

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Hi I need to find a solicitor to help me in setting up a charity or charitable trust?

A lot of the funds will come from overseas (mainly USA)

Is there any benefit to linking my existing UK Ltd company to the charity, not sure that's even possible...?

What activities will the proposed charity be carrying out?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

We are proposing to support organisations/groups that provide support and assistance to special needs children and their families. Having a special needs child can be lonely, and having quality, safe, loving local environments for your child to enjoy can make all the difference. That would be the chief aim.

We would also like to support local schools either by one off donations or by grant applications to help them provide more meaningful and enriching educational experiences, that may be above or beyond their budget.


This at the beginning would be local UK organisations / schools. But I would like the freedom to donate to global causes/groups/organisations/schools.

My question is really due the nature of the funding - do I need to set this up with legal advice and if I do, who shall I go to?

I have a donor that has committed to donating 10% of his income related to our business to this. I also have another 10% of income committed by my husband (we are directors of our own UK limited company)

Most of the funds will come via the US. There may be smaller donations from the UK and US, and in the future royalties from book sales.

I want to make sure I set this charity up in the correct way - i.e. a trust/a charity/a charitable company.

There won't be any employees and I would like myself and my husband to decide where the funds go. I would also like our friend in the US to be a trustee or be involved in some way.

Thank you Susan,

It is imperative that you appoint a solicitor to set up the Charity to ensure that proper procedure is followed and the Charity structure complies with the law so as to ensure that the correct tax breaks are available.

It seems that a Trust may be the best option with you and your husband and the US donor being the three Trustees who will have discretion on how and where the trust funds are to go to further the aims of the Trust.

You may consult a few solicitors on this list and see what they say about acting for you and their legal costs

Hope this helps
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