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My partner made extremely serious but false domestic violence

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My partner made extremely serious but false domestic violence related allegations against me. This was done by her to achieve a certain ‘objective’. I was arrested by Police. I gave my version of the events and told them that my partner was doing this to achieve the ‘objective’ and provided evidence contradicting my partner’s version of events.

Police subsequently dropped the investigation, i.e., I was not charged. A couple of days after conclusion of the Police investigation, my partner contacted me and said that she was under pressure (from her relative) to do what she did. She was going to kill herself if I left her and that she had tried to commit suicide. She had the genuine paper work (hospital letter) to prove her suicide attempt and her mental health issues (do not know exactly what but depression etc).

She had achieved the ‘objective’ after my arrest (because of the allegations made against me).

I resumed my relationship with her. Over the next few months, I began to doubt her version of the events. I asked her to tell me the complete truth. She told me that she was advised to do what she did (i.e., to make false allegations) by her relative who is a solicitor and pressured by her other relatives. I secretly video recorded the conversation.

A friend of mine then met with her relative, the solicitor (in his office) and told him that he wanted to achieve the same ‘objective’ for his sister. Solicitor very clearly advises him to make similar false allegations in order to achieve the same objective. This meeting was also secretly video recorded.

This is the evidence I have.

1. Secret Video Recording of my partner’s admission that allegations were false but she was pressured into doing this by her relatives and was advised by a solicitor, in order to achieve an objective
2. The same solicitor advising my friend to make very similar false allegations in order to achieve the same objective

I am convinced that she is a psychopath and faked the suicide attempt (in order to get Police’s sympathy, shortly after my arrest) but that is not what the paper work says! I have heard that women can get away with things like this claiming to be blinded by love and also using mental health issues to their advantage.

I have 2 questions,

1. is this secret video evidence admissible as evidence which Police would accept and act upon and

2. how likely is that my partner would end up facing the consequences of her actions?

Thank you,


Thank you for your question. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try to help with this.

On your specific points

1 If the video footage actually does show her saying that the allegations were untrue and it is clearly here then it will be useful. At the very least they would drop the case against you.

They could charge her with perverting the course of justice. It depends really upon what allegations she made against you, how much police manpower has been wasted etc.

They may just give her a wasting police time fine which achieves much the same end.

2 It is very unlikely that a solicitor has said anything even remotely like this. Its not impossible of course. But I will be amazed if that has happened.

If that is what she says then the police may investigate the solicitor. He will probably deny it and that is likely to be true.

This young lady is a vexatious accuser. You will find a very interesting article upon that here

you need to leave this relationship and also, in my opinion, run for the hills if your subsequent girlfriends tell you they have previously been the victims of abuse.

Normal men do not hit or harass women. Normal women do not make false allegations because of pressure from relatives, or attempt suicide or indeed get the police involved in domestic arguments.

Can I clarify anything for you?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

1. Allegations included brutal rape, physical and mental abuse. Police spent more than 3 months investigating her claims. As mentioned above, case against me did get dropped a few weeks after my arrest. My EX-partner contacted me only after case was dropped. Video footage does show her clearly and she does say that these allegations were made up by two of her relatives working with the third (the solicitor) and pressured her into making these allegations to the Police; in order to achieve an 'objective'. My relationship with her has ended. I waited up to now to act because she had a restraining order against me and I feared that she will misuse the order if I tried to end the relationship.


2. The SAME solicitor DID say what I have described above. He advises to make false claims of rape and mental torture (domestic abuse) in order to achieve the same 'objective'.


My life has been shattered by the whole experience.


I am asking you to please advise, accepting the above to be true (which IT IS), based on your experience/expertise.


Thank you



1 If this is a false allegation of rape then she could well be charged with perverting. They don't do it in every case but they are doing it more often than they used to.

She will make ridiculous excuses. They are not defences.

2 If any solicitor has said that then you should make an immediate report to the Law Society. There is absolutely no excuse ever for advising a person to lie and thats quite apart from the issue of false allegations of rape.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I had heard stories that generally a video recording is not accepted by Police as evidence as recordings can be manipulated using technology nowadays. I have genuine recording which has not been tempered with in any way. So from what you are saying Police will accept my evidence of video recordings.


On the video my ex-partner says that her two relatives told her to make these false allegations. They were part of the same conspiracy. So would Police not make them accountable for their actions as they perverted the course of justice too?


Similarly, Solicitor was part of the same conspiracy. On the video, my ex says that he advised her and the other relatives to make these allegations in order to achieve the 'objective'. In my recording of the solicitor, he advises my friend to make the same false allegations in order to achieve the same 'objective'. So again, would Police not make the solicitor accountable for his actions as he perverted the course of justice also?


Sorry, I am being vague about the 'objective'. If I mention the 'objective' then this whole story would make more sense. I do not want to do this as if my ex-partner and/or her relatives read this then they would know this is about them. Is it possible for me to message you what the 'objective' was privately so it is not available for everyone to read?



There is no reason a video recording cannot be used as evidence. Thats what CCTV is. It does need to identify her clearly obviously.

The police could pick up others involved but obviously they only have her video evidence against them.

I do think they might investigate the solicitor.

We can only have contact online I'm afraid.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.



Does it matter if the language being spoken in the videos is not English?


Also, I have serious misgivings about the Police officer who was in charge of the investigation. I believe that Police officer formed a close relationship (friendship/sympathy) with my ex-partner; Police officer refused to believe me when I repeatedly told them that it was all a set up. I have evidence to support this.


My objective is for the Police to investigate this matter thoroughly and to make my ex-partner and others involved in the criminal conspiracy accountable for their actions (perverting the course of justice); AND the Police officer to be investigated for their actions too (at the very least to ensure that the same officer in charge of original investigation is kept away).


Should I go to a firm specialising in taking action against Police?

No, not really.

I suppose to a certain degree things can be blamed upon interpretation but that doesn't explain making false allegations.

I'm really sorry but Im afraid its not likely that action can be taken against the police. They responded to a report which they are allowed to do.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

So how do I make Police take action against my ex-partner?


Also, how do I ensure the same Police Officer is not involved in investigating her, because I know that they were biased?

You cannot make them do that. Its entirely a decision for them and CPS essentially as to whether its in the public interest to pursue it. Prosecutions for perverting do deter genuine reporting and false allegers from admitting their lie.

I'm happy to continue with this but please leave feedback for my answer.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

What about making an arrest? Surely, they have a duty to investigate and arrest a criminal. This was a criminal conspiracy against me, executed by my ex- partner, planned and supported by her relatives and a corrupt solicitor..


Also, I really do not understand "Prosecutions for perverting do deter genuine reporting and false allegers from admitting their lie". This does not make sense. Is it not in public interest to prosecute to deter people from committing this crime again, to make false allegation? Also, what about pain I have had to go through.

No. They have a duty to consider every complaint. That does not extend to launching a full scale investigation.

I'm not sure what I can add to what has been said really. If people are prosecuted for perverting that stops others reporting abuse and also stops a person who has made a false report from admitting that they have done so.