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My husband has died and I am contesting his will What has

Customer Question

My husband has died and I am contesting his will What has been brought up by the defendant is that she is saying that the underpinning work that was carried out at my husbands property that she is having me up for perjury I will explain as follows:-

1. My husband asked me to act for him and would have given permission to Prudential for me to act for him with regards to underpinning work to his property
2 The house was in his sole name
3 The insurance was in his name
4 The money was paid to him by the Prudential and this proof of money received is shown in his Halifax B/S.
I typed up letters for my husband on his behalf to the loss adjusters and signed my name. When we found the subsidence to his property in October 1993 we were not married we got married on the 11th December 1993 and the underpinning work commenced in March 1994. I have been accused of perjury and also they have said I have no creditabilty and that I have lied because we had to move into my property from December 1993 - October,1994 and they said I received £2800.00 rent my husband received this money via Prudential and would not pay me the money which only covered 7 months so I wrote to Prudential in the August 1994 asking for more rent money hoping that Prudential would pay me separate but they would not pay out any more rent money now I am being accused of being dishonest for asking for more money knowing that my husband never gave me the £2800.00 in the first instant he said this money belonged to him even though I had to pay the mortgage on my own property with no help from him and also my husband received monies for decorating work against a quote we obtained and this was accepted by the Prudential but my husband and myself did the decorating work ourselves except up stairs whereby I cannot remember but I believe our carpenter carried out this part of the decorating work 20 years ago is a long time to remember every detail Is the above anything to do with me - have I commited perjury please let me know your thoughts I did all this work on behalf of my husband now I am getting a BLACK NAME Thanking you for your help
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Clare replied 3 years ago.
Thank you for your question.
My name is Clare
I will do my best to help you but I need some further information first.
How is this relevant to your contesting the Will?