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Hi there I would like some advice with regards XXXXX XXXXX rights

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Hi there I would like some advice with regards XXXXX XXXXX rights as a consumer. I am a Pilates Instructor and needed to have a specific part of my equipment reupholstered. The equipment is mad in the USA and there is only one distributor in the UK that deals with such matters. Their courier service collected this piece of equipment from in January and then subsequently lost it. The representative I was dealing with at the company then proceed to tell me that she had ordered a new piece for me at no cost. It was being shipped from teh US and so would take about 6 -8 weeks to arrive. After 9 weeks I emailed the representative and received no answer for another 2 weeks. I then facebooked the company to complain and found out that the person has actually left AND had not ordered my piece of equipment AND had not actually told anyone about this. I have now been dealing with another representative who I have been told has ordered the equipment and so I have been waiting for another 6 weeks. In the meantime because I've only had half of my equipment to work with I have had to turn away potential clients because I cannot give them a comprehensive Pilates workout or rehabilitation that they require. Also my current clients have now been asking me to give them discounts because I don't have my full equipment yet and they are looking to my competitors. I have emailed the company and asked them what they would offer in terms of compensation because I am now losing income as a result of their gross incompetence. They have not got back to me after a week. Could you please let me know if I have a case?

I would say you have a good claim in negligence against the distributor.

You have two grounds of claim, for direct loss to your equipment and consequential losses for your loss of business as there is no market for the lost equipment in the UK and you were unable to order it from another supplier.

You need to raise a claim with the distributor for the above heads of damages and if they refuse to pay you, you may go to court, easiest way would be to claim online at

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi there


Thanks this is most helpful. I have looked at - he links are not very helpful. Is there a better way to get the small claims court forms?





You have to use to file the claim online and it is cheaper to do so online rather than using the paper based N1 claim form which you can see here

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