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tdlawyer, Lawyer
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Hello, My ex landlord has not paid me back my deposit of £1080

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My ex landlord has not paid me back my deposit of £1080 based on the fact that the apartment was not professionally cleaned when I left and these were the costs he bore.
I know this is a lie and have emails contradicting it.
I had agreed to move out earlier than planned to suit his new tenants as a favour to him. Part of that agreement was that he would store my belongings and deliver them to my new place after I returned from a business trip. At that time I had stipulated that I would not have time to clean the apartment. He had agreed.
Additionally he damaged a few expensive items of mine during the delivery of my belongings and never delivered my sofa.
Can I recover my deposit and do I have a case to sue him for the damages?

BTW I lived in that apartment for 8 years and always paid rent on time.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Kind regards

tdlawyer :

Hi thanks for your question.

tdlawyer :

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I can help with this.

Customer: What does that mean?
Customer: I should hire you to sue him?
Customer: Or
tdlawyer :

No, it means I can talk to you now and give you answers to your questions.

Customer: you will give some advice and guidance in how to recover my money?
tdlawyer :

I can answer your questions on this now.

Customer: Ok so what do you think I should do?
tdlawyer :

Okay, to recover your deposit, if he doesn't pay you back, then you would have to sue him in the county court. You can do this easily online now at

tdlawyer :

About the second part, damages for the breach of delivery of your goods, can you tell me whether he actually has the sofa or whether he took it at all?

Customer: Ok thank you
Customer: what about damages to my belongings?
tdlawyer :

About the second part, damages for the breach of delivery of your goods, can you tell me whether he actually has the sofa or whether he took it at all?

Customer: He still has the sofa and damaged a venitian mirror and 2 cupboards through negligent delivery.
tdlawyer :

Then you can sue him for the value of those items too. You can do this in the same claim form that you use online to claim the deposit back.

Customer: He offered me to come and collect the sofa from his barn - Which was totally against our agreement - and said he would dispose of it otherwise.
tdlawyer :

For the sofa, you can instruct somebody else to pick it up and bring it to you and charge that cost to him, recovering it via the online claim form that I mentioned above.

Customer: Ok how does the claim site work? Will I be appointed a lawyer?
Customer: Also do you think I have a decent chance of succeeding?
Customer: I was thinking of approaching a no win no fee lawyer - what do you think of that?
tdlawyer :

You just fill in the forms on the screen. Then the court serves the claim on the ex-landlord for you. It will tell you step by step what you need to do. So long as you're claiming less than £10,000 it's a very easy claim to do procedurally. It's in the small claims system.

tdlawyer :

You're better off doing this yourself for the small sums involved.

Customer: The ex land lord is a heinous person and I want this effort to ensure he does not abuse people's trust in future
Customer: How long do you think it will take to process?
Customer: Also I moved out in November and he delivered my things in December - does it matter it was 5 months ago?
tdlawyer :

Once you fill the forms in online, the court will serve the papers within days, and then it depends if he tries to fight it. If he does, it could take 4-5 months. If he doesn't fight it, you will win within a few weeks.

tdlawyer :

No, 5 months ago is fine - you have 6 years to sue for this.

Customer: So if he fights it - he would have to prove a stronger case than me?
tdlawyer :


Customer: Ok do I need to know anything else about the information I need to provide?
tdlawyer :

No, it's really easy for this type of claim using the online claims system.

Customer: Thanks very much for your help. I don't feel anxious about starting the process.
Customer: Kind regards
Customer: prerna
tdlawyer :

You're welcome. Are you happy with the service this evening?

Customer: Yes thanks
tdlawyer :

Thank you!

Customer: Cr
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