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Jo C.
Jo C., Barrister
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I have been a victim of fraud . How do I go about? I have reported

Customer Question

I have been a victim of fraud . How do I go about? I have reported to Police and they may or may not take my case.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your question. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try to help with this.

-Could you explain your situation a little more?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I had phone call from lady called Samatha Lee in March. Asking me to sell my share in a company called Water Hall Group Plc ( which is not active now and is not on the footsie) I agreed and was asked to send the refundable bond money which was £ 4016.25 . I fell for that thinking I am clearing my long sitting 800 water hall shares. Next they wanted to sell my war rents and I had pay for it initially so I sent £ 65642.50 to buy my warrants. Next they wanted me to pay for American taxes for £5200 so in return I would get £181177.50 for my shares warrants bond money and taxes . I have not sent the 52 thousand and am stalling with them. I have all the correspondence with in e-mails which I can forward it to you. The money has gone to a very reputed bank HSBC in Hong Kong. I have all the details with Account nos. I want help to retrieve the money . This people can be terrorist or what not. The saga was so genuine with all American firms and solicitors involved. Please please help.
Expert:  Jo C. replied 3 years ago.

Are you asking if you can force the police to act?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

no. but can a soliciter take the case

Expert:  Jo C. replied 3 years ago.
Yes, you could sue in the civil courts.

The difficulty will be that you will have to enforce judgment abroad which, in truth, is very expensive to do.

But you could sue at the small claims court.

If you intend to instruct a solicitor then you will have to pay privately I'm afraid as this falls under the rates for legal aid.

The problem will not be getting judgment anyway but enforcing it in the USA.

Can I clarify anything for you?