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I was asked several years ago to be an executor to a will,

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I was asked several years ago to be an executor to a will, which I agreed to. My dear friend who asked this of me has since lost her husband, he did not have a will. the family have taken over the care of said lady and completely shut me out. My question is would they be able to change her will, she has dementia
Thank you for your question.

No, they can't change her will. When she dies, you will have the power to enter into possession of and administer her executry estate. Until then you have no powers I'm afraid.

Happy to discuss further.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

her husband died several weeks ago without writing a will, do all of his assets go to her automatically?


If there are no children, yes. If there are children then the spouse and children inherit together. The wife gets the first £250000 of the estate and if there is more than this a life interest in half of the remainder.

Here is a summary of the rules for you:
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