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I am in a council flat for the last three years and was let

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I am in a council flat for the last three years and was let to me as all electric. For the last three years I still get British Gas bills to the 'occupier' for the 'standing charge'. Several times I have asked British Gas to stop sending them and take away the meter outside the flat that is disconnected and the pipes capped off! I finally got in touch with the CEO of British Gas and he sent a letter saying he investigated this matter and they did not disconnect the meter or cap off the pipes! He says it must have been Woking Borough Council that did it. I sent the letter to Woking Borough Council Cheief executive ray Morgan and asked him if he would write a letter of authority for the meter to be taken away as was asked for in the letter from the CEO. I have followed up twice more on this request to Ray Morgan and I never get a reply. I now have a demanding letter from British Gas to pay the bill or I will suffer from debt collectors cost £54, obtain a warrant of entry cost £256, £52 for warrant application, £150 to exchange your meter for pay as you go meter, if your gas supply is disconnected cost £75 to reconnect. Can I sue the Chief Executive of this council, and or British Gas? Is there an act of Parliament that precludes British Gas from just taking the meter away, and ignores a tenant, or does the LANDLORD have to give authority by letter.

LondonlawyerJ :

Hello. I am a solicitor with over 15 years experience and I will try to help you with this.

LondonlawyerJ :

Do you have any gas supply or are all your appliances and heating electric?


The flat is all electric. No gas supply.

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I am sorry fro neglecting you for so long. I seem to have overlooked your question and apologise for that. If yo have no gas supply are BRitish Gas you electricity supplier or do you have another supplier for electricity? If so you should write to British Gas telling them that you only have electricity at your flat, that there is no gas supply and that your electricity supplier is who ever it is. You should require that they stop making unfounded threats against you and demand confirmation in writing that they accept the position and will not bother you again.

I don't thin you will be able to use the energy ombudsman to complain as their service is limited to complaints with one's actual suppliers. I don't think you will be able to claim compensation as a matter of right but a vigorous complaint letter might lead to some kind of goodwill gesture for you if you are lucky.