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How would I find out the outcome of a court case that was on

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How would I find out the outcome of a court case that was on Monday @basildon crown court the defendant was remanded after breaching bail and was waiting to be sentenced. I don't want to know what prison just to know if he was put back in prison or released.
Myself and the defendant (my daughters boyfriend)don't see eye to eye as I have a problem with what he does and how he goes about things that involve my daughter well being. My daughter swears 100% that he got a 7 month sentence but on Monday night I received a call on my mobile phone from HIM.
HE WAS BEING VERY VERY VIOLENT ABUSIVE AND MAKING THREATS TOWARDS MY FAMILY Members that he says are promises saying he knows where they live etc and he was coming for me first and what he was going to do to me I have three other young children that live with me and really don't know what to do. If he is in prison obviously I have no need to worry but if my daughter is lying which she does often for HIM and he isn't in prison I need to know as he has served time in prison for kidnap amongst other things I fear for my other children's safety.

LondonlawyerJ :

Hello I am a solicitor with over 15 years experience. I will try to help you with this.

LondonlawyerJ :

The simplest way to find to is to simply phone the court on 01268 458 000 and ask for the result. If you tell me the defendant's name I can do that for you. Were you a victim or witness in the case and what was it about generally? If you feel at risk you should call the police immediately for protection. Even if he was sentencd to 7 months imprisonment he may not actually be in prison if for example he had served 3 and a half months on remand.

LondonlawyerJ :

Prisoners normally only serve half their prison sentence in prison and serve the balance on licence in the community (subject to recall to prison if they misbehave).

Customer: The defendant's name is MR
Customer: The defendant's name isXXXXX Truman and I'm not sure on to many details but he was serving a sentence for attempted kidnap and drug offences and was gate arrested on his release bailed to his dad's address in lewisham and had to go and sign at lewisham police station 3 times a week. But he had stolen a mobile phone off of a girl that he knew and she got him nicked for it on a Friday and that was I think he had court for that on the Monday if you could find out as he also stole my other daughter iPhone 4 when I was in hospital but I can't prove this 100% but it was only him and my daughter at my house the time it was taken and taking mobile phones laptops etc from public places is the way he earns money he is a dirty scum bag rat.
Customer: The actual court case this Monday was for robbery I think he stole a motorbike of of a random on the street saying it was his friends bike and that he asked him to get it back for him got caught on the bike but the boy who's bike it was had 3 witnesses with him
LondonlawyerJ :

He was sentenced to a 9 month prison sentence suspended for 18 months with 100 hours of unpaid work. This means that he is not in prison but if he commits another offence in the 18 months after the sentence is imposed or fails to carry out the work as required then he will go to prison and serve 4.5 months. If he has phoned and threatened you then he may have committed offences against you and your family. It is a matter for you whether you feel you need to report this to the police.

LondonlawyerJ :

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