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My ex boyfriend took money from me for renting a room in his

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My ex boyfriend took money from me for renting a room in his property then kicked me out and changed the lock. I have no access to my items what can I do

Thank you for your question. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try to help with this.

How much notice were you given?

Why is he refusing to hand over the items please?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No notice, he simply asked me to leave his property at once. He is claiming that all the items are his which isn't true and I have proof of purchase


He cannot do that. You are entitled to reasonable notice even if you are only a lodger. In fairness, that is not a lot but its more than being asked to leave immediately.

You can seek an injunction to let you back in but thats not your best option here. There will be cost in that and its not going to be for very long.

A better option is to sue for the rent you've paid plus the value of the items here

That may well lead to the items being returned to you.

If there is anything there of particular importance to you for emotional reasons then you can seek an injunction forcing him to return them but a money claim would be by far the better option for you.

Can I clarify anything for you?

Jo C. and other Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Will court injunction give me an opportunity to go back into his place and take my items? How much will it approx cost and how to go about applying for it please

Yes, it could grant such an injunction but that is a lot more expensive than just suing.

Another alternative is to book an appointment with a police officer to attend with you to prevent a breach of the peace. The police cannot make him hand anything over but people tend to be more reasonable with a police officer on the doorstep.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have already been there twice with the police and he refused to let me in. The police indicated that there is nothing they could do.

Then its either an injunction or suing for the value of the goods.

An injunction is all very well if there is something in there that is literally unique and cannot be replaced with money.

A small claims court claim is much more economical though.