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I have received a speed camera offence exceeding 30mph on the

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I have received a speed camera offence exceeding 30mph on the A22 Halland just out of Eastbourne. I have been subsequently advised this is an infamous speed trap where many motorists are caught. I have asked whether other motorists were caught at the same time as me as I may have been merely keeping up with the traffic. I mentioned that I have been driving for 45 years with no points on my licence. I also suggested they should check the signage as apparently, it is a well known trap/money spinner for the authorities! They have ignored my points/questions and merely asked me in a standard form to pay the fine and go on a course to avoid points on the licence or pay more and incur the points. My questions are should I contest or should I pay? Do points on the licence influence car insurance or is a speed camera offence considered just one of those things by insurance companies?

Jo C. :

Hi. Thank you for your question. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try to help with this. Do you admit that you were speeding?


I didn't know I was speeding as I was keeping up with the traffic. I only have Sussex Police letter indicating the Speed Camera said I was exceeding 30mph.


Hi Jo,


Hi Jo, Should I stay on the line or wait for you? Best wishes


Or should I Save and Exit?


As I haven't heard from you for 25 minutes I will Save and Exit. Just hope I/you can pick up the thread again. [email protected] Peter

Jo C. :


Jo C. :

Sorry, I got logged out!

Jo C. :

What was your speed ?

Jo C. :

Also, what is your defence? You seem to accept the offence.


I am confused. I hit the Saved and Exit sign but was asked to rate the Expert's answer. After responding instantly with a question to me that I immediately answered there has been silence. Ironically my question is about speeding but so far the JA service is unlikely to be caught by a speed camera! I don't feel I can really rate Jo until I get more advice to my queries/questions!! Currently it would be Bad but if more of an exchange gets under way of course that may not be the case.


Ignore my last message as we are now in contact

Jo C. :

Yes, I'm back in too.

Jo C. :

Can you respond?

Jo C. :

I can convert this to Q and A if you are struggling.


I don't know what my speed was. The Alleged Offence simply says "Speeding - exceed 30 miles per hour on restricted road . automatic camera device" I am not automatically accepting the offence because I was not overtaking and the road was the main A22 where there was other traffic going at the same speed in front and behind me. As I said in my original communication to you, the Sussex Safer Roads Unit where I had to send my response to their allegation have not answered any of my points.


It's 1.45 pm so do I hang on? Should I expect any more from you this afternoon? This is when a telephone conversation is so much better than this on line exchange with all its delays and interruptions.


Can you respond now?
Are you ok?

I'm not sure whether you are seeing my responses>

I have asked customer services to look at this for you.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The last response I have from you is "Shall I convert this to Q & A if you are struggling?" Have you communicated further since then?

Yes, but don't worry. We are back in. I think there must have been a site glitch so that it didn't convert at your end.

So what defence are you hoping to raise?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I really wish we could talk so we can get to the bottom of this.

I don't know if I have a defence because it's their technology against my complete surprise at being accused.

I'd like the following to be taken into account

1. Were others caught like me at the same time?

2. The A22 is a main road thus is a 30 mph restriction right at Halland?

3. Apparently this is where many get nabbed clearly unfairly. If I had known I would have made absolutely sure.

4. Is there poor signage if so many are offending?

5. 45 years driving without any points on my licence and I'm caught in an notorious money spinning trap for the authorities.

If I am wasting my time with all this what do you know about car insurance companies putting up premiums for those who incur points? If it doesn't matter the I'll take the points and not bother about going on a driving course. If it does then I'll go on the course to keep the premiums down. I am loath to phone my insurance company and ask for obvious reasons

Does that give you everything now to advise me?


I'm afraid its bad news.

1 That is a non issue and you have no right to sight of that information. I suppose you could make a freedom of information request but its pointless because the answer to your question makes no difference to your case and would be in admissible.

2 Possibly. So?

3 Possibly. But thats not the issue. The fairness of the law is a non issue. The only issue is whether the speed limit was signed properly and whether you exceeded it.

4 The only issue is whether there is poor signing but if this is a restricted road at 30 mph then they only need a regular pattern of street lighting to sign that.

5 Possibly but its not a defence.

To be wholly honest, you are wasting your time with the above unless, of course, the signing was inadequate.

In relation to insurance points, many will not increase your premium for just three points but that cannot be guaranteed. The increase is usually under £100.

Can I clarify anything for you?

Jo C. and other Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Jo,

I've also done a Google check on what Insurance Companies do when speeding points go on to a licence and many increase their premiums.

Therefore I'm going to have to bite the bullet pay the fine and go on a driving course to avoid the points.

I assure you I'm a person who will always accept my wrongdoings but in this case I genuinely think it is grossly unfair.

Thanks for your help