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Hi there, I would like to ask some questions regarding I applying

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Hi there, I would like to ask some questions regarding I applying for my permanent residency. My husband is Dutch and I am from the Caribbean, we are together for 8 years and marry for 5 years in August this years, I was given a 5 years resident permit after we got marry. We got marry in August 2009 and my permit will expired in June 2015.

My questions are, when should I apply for the permanent resident, should I apply for it in August of this year or should I waited until next year when the permit expiry ?

My husband has not been working after we got married, in December of 2009 he started getting his pension credit, he has been living in London for the past 10 years and was always working, in December of this year he will be getting his state pension, will it affect me applying for my permanent resident permit since he's not exercising his treaty rights ?

Given his age, he's entitle to pension credit, hence am not sure if it would be classified as benefits. I am working for the past 5 years with the same company. Do we need to have health insurance for both of us ? What other paper work do we need to produce when applying ? Will they refuse me the permanent resident becuase we don't have savings or since he's getting pension credit ?

Kind regards.

Your husband is a permanent resident in the UK and as such him claiming pension credit will not affect your application as he is not required to be exercising treaty rights any longer as he is a permanent resident.

You may apply for your permanent residency after 5 years in the UK as his spouse, so you may apply for your PR in August 2014 if you have been in the UK for the last 5 years since marriage, you do not need to wait for your residence card to expire.

As you are working, you do not need any insurance.

Your application will not be refused because you do not have savings, that is not assessed for the application.

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