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I have a criminal record for fraud. I obtained funds of £6000

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I have a criminal record for fraud. I obtained funds of £6000 from my bank account after being made bankrupt for a business I bought. I served 200 hours community service for the offence. I was charged and found guilty in 2009. When will the criminal record expire. Thank you for your help....XXXXX XXXXX..the bankruptcy and the offence took place in 2006\2007...thank you....
Thank you for your question.

The criminal record won't expire but the conviction will become spent five years from the date of conviction. This means that after that time you don't have to disclose it unless you are applying for certain types of job, such as police and security, certain professions, certain government positions and nursing, medical and education.

Your criminal record, however, will not expire although as a matter of practice some records may be expunged on, for example, the update of the state computer systems etc.

Happy to discuss further.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for the reply...finally....once the conviction is spent what will the criminal record show held by the bureau....and what would a potential employer see on the record once its spent.....and is my record publically available ie...on the internet or is it only available on the crb database via controlled application....

Once the conviction is spent it will remain on record but you don't have to disclose it for most job applications.

It won't show up on a basic disclosure search. It will show up on standard or enhanced disclosure. It is not publicly available on the internet.