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My sister is mentally-impaired due to severe bi-polar - she

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My sister is mentally-impaired due to severe bi-polar - she is on medication and two years ago attempted suicide and was very ill and later, sectioned as a result.

She has recently (in last 5-6 weeks), met a man half her age (my sister is in her late 50's) who has asked her to move in with him and advised her to rent-out her own house. He claimed he owned his own building-company and offered to fit my sister a new kitchen in at his own expense although her existing kitchen was in very good condition and really not in need of replacement. He also, said he'd bought her a new car.

To my horror on visiting her recently, her kitchen lay scattered in her own and neighbour's garden outside, with kitchen and dining room, gutted of units - black bags piled everywhere and her sitting-room full of boxes of food; it had been like that for 3 weeks. It transpired the replacement units were in a "friend's van" and then, in another friend's garage and now in a "lock-up" for which his "mate on holiday" has the keys. No evidence of the promised car.

As both our parents are deceased, i am my sisters only close, relative as she has no children, so naturally, i was keen to meet her new partner. I was hoping to meet the 'boyfriend' as arranged on my recent visit but he'd decided he had other "urgent matters" to attend. My sister is in denial of the risks and is holding onto her "faith" that her "little chipmonk" will prove true to his word, she fully expects to be getting a new car.

I feel quite helpless, i am severely disabled myself and very concerned to see my sister's home basically vandalised by a person who is not keen to meet me, her only family and who has made promises that he's not kept. My sister's illness leaves her vulnerable and when or if, he doers not fulful his promises, i know she will be devestated and succumb to the severe depression that led to her taking 50 sleeping tablets 2 years ago.

Do i have any rights here as a concerned relative - is it a police matter? Any advice you can give is much appreciated, Thank you

Thank you for your question. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try to help with this.

Is there any reason you think it may be a police matter?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello Jo, thank you for your response, i feel my sister's home has been vandalised by someone who offered to fit her a new kitchen in and yet, 3 weeks later, no kitchen and previous kitchen now rubble in hers & neighbour's yard. there was nothing wrong with her kitchen - it was in perfect condition. My sister now has no kitchen or dining area, save for a sink and a microwave, her home is in a shambles.

This is potentially abuse of a vulnerable adult and then becomes a matter for Social Services.
However unless your sister agrees that she has been taken for a ride, there was nothing that the police or Social Services will be able to do.
The situation is different if there is medical evidence to prove that she is not in control of all her own faculties.
The first thing that I would do would be to have a word with social services and speak to the police because this man may have a history of doing this.
However if your sister does not want to make a complaint there is little that any of them can do.
Can I clarify anything for you?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi - thank you Jo - very much appreciate your help. Very good advice, will contact Social Services - this has been a major worry for me since I saw her last week. She only met this man 6 weeks ago and to see her beautiful home in such a state. It is a miracle she survived her suicide attempt and hearing her say "I'm just holding onto my faith that he'll be true to his word", made my heart sink, as a sufferer of bi-polar, her depressions are very deep. I will do my best to be there for her either way - you have given me the confidence I needed to consult with Social Services and/or police. Thank you. Kind Regards, Richi

Do remember the fact that your sister has been sectioned in the past does assist and for that reason, social services should sit up and take more note.
Good luck with this
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