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hi, i am an illegal over stayer in uk but i am a music producer

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hi, i am an illegal over stayer in uk but i am a music producer and audio engineer, my question is is it possible to get residence in uk because i feel i am active in the uk not like in my country, i have many contacts in the music industry and i am an artist, the thing is i need residence to start doing my dream properly in uk which is music production. any hope please because i can't go back and i would love to change my life. thx

What is your nationality and how long have you lived in the UK? Where is your family?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I am fro tunisia, i came to uk to fulfill my dream to be a sound engineer and i am living here for two years now, my family are in tunisia and i can't go back there because of the political problems after the revolution and the difficulty to find a living there. Thx


Thank you.

Unless you are able to show that sending you back to Tunisia would be in breach of your human rights, you will not be able to regularise your status in the UK simply because you are a talented person.

You may apply for further leave to remain using form FLR(O) and give as much evidence and detail as possible about the political situation back home and that you would be in danger if sent back home. The fact that you are talented and a music producer will not help your application or the fact that you would find it difficult to make a living back home, I am afraid, but the fact that your life could be in danger would help your application to remain in the UK and it is possible that you could be granted discretionary large to remain in the UK.

I would suggest that you appoint an immigration lawyer to assist with your application as it will be complicated, e.g. See here

Hope this helps and good luck
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