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Hi there I applied for a first time British passport 4 weeks

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Hi there
I applied for a first time British passport 4 weeks ago after my ceremony, but now I have to fly out next week Friday and it is a real emergency to do with my daughter. I have tried to get some response from home office but no one is returning my calls! Please please help me with this problem. Is there anyway that I can get an emergency passport?
Many thanks sharon
Hello Sharon, Do you still have your home country passport and if so, is it valid?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Alas my visa for Britian has expired and it is critical that I get to fly out next week Friday. The home base are just not getting back to me and they also have my SA PAssoprt

I am afraid in that case there is not much you can do other than to keep pressure on the Home Office and get them to issue you with your British Passport.

I would have thought that you had an indefinite leave to remain visa in your SA passport, that does not expire even if the passport expires.

Same for indefinite leave to enter.

If that is the case, perhaps you can get the Home Office to at least return your SA passport back to you.

May I help further?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Alas I only had a definite leave to remain via my ancestral visa and got citizenship through my mother being british, and the definite leave to remain has now expired! Is there anyway that the home office would be able to give me a letter stating that they are processing my passport and let me use my SA passport? also is it possible that they will be able to process my passport with in 4 days?

I really appreciate your help thanks x

Glad to help Sharon.

I suppose armed with your registration certificate or some proof from Home Office that you are a British Citizen, you could re enter the UK at the border with your SA passport, but you would need to convince the airlines to allow you to fly which may be the tricky part.

I really doubt they will process your passport in 4 days as it is a first time passport.

I am sorry but you may need to consider postponing your proposed trip.

All the best
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Alas I would postpone it but it is a great emergency! My daughter is flying out from san fransisco to rome to get married!! oh dear.... devestating! Will hope that I might get an upgrade or some assistance.... if only home office will call back thank you again x

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I have left feedback
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