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My ex-husband (DoB 23.Nov 1916) died in UK,having been living

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My ex-husband (DoB 23.Nov 1916) died in UK,having been living in Spain for over 20 years.He never changed his Italian Passport and is burried in Occhieppo Sup.Piedmont. He died on 16th Spet 2013. I would like to know if the UK law or the Italain Law is applied for his inheritance? he left 3 sons and one daughter. Three are diagnosed as being slow-learners.
Erika Gibello

Where are his assets and did he make a Will?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I do not know where all his paintings are, but assume,as the villa in Spain is on the market for sale( has been last time I looked the internet up) his partner will have taken all to the UK address, which I have. This is a male partner,who lived with him for nearly 30 years and will not communicate with me.I do not know if he left a will , but could enquiry if I would know where to turn to. His assets was his house in Spain , which since 2002 was written inot mR Wilkins name. We are not aspiring to get this back nor do I think it would EASILY POSSIBLE.(THERE ARE LAWS IN EUROPE WHICH FORBID AN OVER 80 YR OLD PERSON TO DONATE OR WRITE INTO AN OTHER PERSONS NAME PROPERTY, WITHOUT HAVING BEEN MEDICALLY TESTIFIED AS BEING MENTALLY CAPABLE TO MAKE SUCH A DECISION-BUT I DO NOT THINK THIS WOULD APPLY AND WOULD COST TOO MUCH TO APPLY IN SUCH A CASE).

He lived in Spain and his assets were there, but Mr Wilkind moved him in June 2013 , being 97 yrs. to UK. I do have this address via a friend, who stayed with him in contact.

He has no assets in Italy. I do believe that all the assets he left behing are his paintings( nearly 400 own and several valuable antique paintings,whereof three belong to me). He is known,as the third great painter of the 20th Century :Matisse, Picasso and GIBELLO. Kindly, tell me where I can find out if he has left a will(most unlikely-knowing his personality).

Thank you. EG

Thank you.

It would appear that Spanish law would apply as he lived there for a long time and most of his assets are there.

You should get in touch with a local Spanish lawyer to see if there is a central Will registry there or how his estate would be divided under local law.

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