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I am enquiring on behalf of a friend who has a boundary dispute

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I am enquiring on behalf of a friend who has a boundary dispute after he erected a fence on the death of his neighbour who he had agreed to share his garden with over 45 years ago. The neighbour always asked if he could do things in the garden and therefore also always thought of this part of the garden as my friend's and his then wife (who is now deceased)
My friend then had a solicitors letter asking him to take the fence down as he thought that that part of the garden was not his.
To cut this a bit short my friend was contacted by the person who is now buying the property. He said that although the plans appeared to show that it was his (the buyers) land he didn't have a problem with my friend having it but that he would need to make it legal. In order to do this he suggested that my friend pay a very small amount of - say £1 - just to say that he had purchased this land - and he would get documents drawn up to make it legal - as he just really wants to get on with the completion of buying.
I can't see anything wrong with this - but just wondered what your thoughts were.
Thank you.

tdlawyer : Hello, welcome to the site.
tdlawyer : my name is ***** ***** I can help you with this.
tdlawyer : I don't see anything wrong with this either. However, as yet the prospective purchaser does not own the land.
tdlawyer : He would therefore need to reach an agreement with your friend now, and he would need to notify the executor (who is selling the property) of this.

Thank you for your reply - we are due to see him in about 1 hour and my friend is quite willing to do what he asks as long as it will be ok - which you have just confirmed. However - I am not quite sure why he would have to ask the executor if he is buying the house from him. Can you please explain.


Thank you


I have to go out now to meet him - not sure if I have to rate you before you answer my last question to you or if I have to rate you once you have answered all my questions.

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