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Hi I live in the UK and I am a wedding photographer. A bride

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Hi I live in the UK and I am a wedding photographer.
A bride is wanting me to pay back her album cost so another can do it for her.
This will cost me more than originally charged for as I had internal designers working for
1. Can she insist on that?
2 If I pay her, a sum, for the album, how do I say that if she accepts the payment it is in full and final settlement, so that she cannot keep trying to revisit this issue?

Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.

-Could you explain your situation a little more?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Asian wedding, 3 years ago, lots of back and forth due to delays in choosing photos, partly because of providing her with so many photos to choose from. She delayed and I also delayed because of some requests to provide photos for her to view in a format that she wanted, although I had provided her access to view them as per our normal process online already.


She now wants to have someone else design the albums as I told her it would cost more to upgrade to a bigger album with more photos in them.

She is wanting more than it would cost me to print them and wants to charge me for design, although that was charged at minimal rate originally as I had someone in house who could do it.


You own copyright in the photographs and if she wants someone else to print them, you are actually able to charge her more than you would charging as you would be granting the licence to print them to this new person.

If she wants someone else to design the albums, she is still obliged to pay your bill less any printing costs which you have not incurred by virtue of the fact that you have not done the work.

Can I clarify anything for you?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes please, on the last part of your answer.


So, if she want someone else to design the album, and she has already paid me(that is why she wants money back) for the album.

Which was included in the overall price and would cost me max £700 to produce(through 3rd party professional album company, which she wanted), can she stipulate how much she wants? for the actual album, when it was actually not charged for properly?


She also was going to get the 550 photos as a backup on disc but only to print for herself.

Not the copyright as photographer always retains that I understand.

Therefore are you saying, if she wants someone else to design that instead of me, she would have to pay me for the copyright still?




Let me give you some figures.
If for arguments sake you charge £2000 for the whole job which is made up of £1400 for your time and your equipment and travelling on the day and general work around the job.
£400 profit
£200 for getting it printed by someone else.
She then decides that she wants to get it printed by someone else she is only entitled to a reduction of £200.
The majority of the work been done by you and you are entitled to be paid for it.
She is not actually entitled to have the photographs at all unless printed by you and not actually entitled to get them printed anywhere else without your consent.
You are correct with regard to copyright, this is retained by the photographer all the artist unless there is an agreement to the contrary.
Even if you provide her with the disc with the photographs on she is not allowed to print them from that without your consent.

If she wants someone else to print the old one for her and not have you do it she is only actually entitled to a refund of your actual cost (to you) of printing the album i.e., the cost that you would have paid to someone else to have it done.

Yes you are absolutely right, if she wants someone else to print the photographs to put in the album, she has to pay you for consent to do that
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