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I was a director of a company and sold my shares in december.

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I was a director of a company and sold my shares in december. I had previously been part of several advertisement videos the company used online but since I have left the company have started to get a very bad name for themselves through poor sales techniques and my name is ***** ***** used within these failings even though I am no longer there.
I am in a very small niche market and this could destroy my only income source and I want them to remove me from all material.
Can I make them do this ?

Yes, you may ask them to remove any association with yourself from these videas but they could refuse to do so as they likely own the copyright and IP rights in this material -you need to check whether you signed over such rights to the company in any contract with them when you were a director there.

May I help further?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for the reply.

The problem is, I was the technician who developed all of the software up to the point I left. They have replaced me with a college leaver who has no experience and they are still using my name. this is sullying my reputation within the industry and will almost certainly cause me issues in the future. They are also lying as to the qualifications of their staff as well as those of the directorship. They claim ISO status for staff and software yet this is a blatant lie and when associated with my name will bring me into these lies. I am just an honest guy who works hard and want to continue but these are salesman who are just after the quick return and then to move onto the next thing leaving destruction in their path.

Thank you.
I would suggest that you get a solicitor to write a letter to them if the work attributed to you is not yours as that is misleading the public.

They should stop if a solicitors letter comes their way.

Hope this helps
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