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My girlfriend and I recently split up with her keeping and

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My girlfriend and I recently split up with her keeping and converting 5k worth of my appliances that I bought while living in her home because her appliances packed up over the year I lived there. I bought these appliances on the basis that we would either come to an agreed settlement when and if our relationship came to an end. She has said in a previous conversation that the appliance are hers because I was staying there at the time. It must be known that at the time I was covering all expenses from food to rent to entertainment. She had no job and had a child she was supporting. The fact that she was in this position was one of my motivations for living there instead of paying two lots of rent and utilities ect. She has illegally converted my property and would like your advice. She will know longer even discuss it with me or even receive my attempts to discuss anything. Ought I to have a solicitor write her a letter? Would you be able to act for me? Should I contact the police? Your advice would be appreciated. Ps I have proof of purchase on all the converted property.




Sorry to hear about this.

Yes, you may certainlty report the matter to the police and say that this is theft of your property. The police may or may not be interested.

You may also get a solicitor to writer her a letter asking her to return these appliances back to you or pay you their value, you may file a court claim for the value of the goods in the small claims track if she refuses to hand the goods back to you.

You may make a court claim online for the money at


We are not allowed to act for customers here, you may contact any high street solicitor

Hope this helps

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