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My name is ***** ***** marriage with my husband 8 years

Customer Question

My name is ***** ***** I marriage with my husband 8 years .We have two daughters .One is 5 other one is 7 in this years . 2013 Nov .me and my husband and 2 kids and husband's parents been to china on holiday for 2 weeks . In china airport we missed the flight .It my mistake.But however .We booked the flight before 2 months for the holiday and every one have E-Ticket on their hands .They never checked or tell me I got this mistake . Then I borrow money about 24000RMB (about 2400 GPB ) to get the new flight to let them go back to the UK .and because I have some of trouble on my business .I must be stay in china for a longer . My husband been given me lots of problem on holiday or whatever .I did tell him .Take the girls back to England and divorce . I stay in china about 6-7 months .And keep paying 200 GPB pair month to look after our girls . I am hard working and try to paying back the debt (what I been borrow for their flight ). I keep communication with my husband on Emails .also tell him I will come back to England on summer .I need to save some money to buying flight to coming back etc ....and also .My passport on his hands and begged him send my passport back to me . He not agree I come back as he think I hurt him and the kids very much as I leave . I leave my husband and stay in china for the following reasons : 1 :I borrow money from my dad to bought 5 people flight .I must be pay back to my dad asap .If not .my stepmother will get angry to my dad then affect their marriage .However .I am a responsible person .I borrow money I will pay back .This is me .I come back to England need money as well .I am sorry to keep talking about the money .But without money really cant do anything .This is true ! 2:In the last 6 months .I beseech him send my passport to me .I always believe he will .I wait .and wait still to May .I must be application the new one then come back . 3:I want to separate to him for few months and we both need to calmly consider our relationshp.My husband and me always having very bad relationship in the last few years . Now I came back to England and my husbands stop me seeing the kids .he said he and the girls not love me .dont want me and they all want me go back the china . They think I abandoneds our daughters .But I never have this mean . 1 :I let the kids flowing their daddy .Grandparents by flight to England .They are safe . 2: in the last 6-7 months .I did phone the kids but no too many .I did posted some cloths .toys to the kids .I paying 200 GPB to their daddy to look after them . Can I ask .Did I abandoned my kids ?since the kids birth .I always look after the 2 kids still to 2013 NOV .pick up them from the school .bathing .cook foods for them .take them to see GP etc .....9/10 kids cloths I bought for them . And now .I only want to see my kids ! because I am not in the UK for 6-7 months the mean I abandoned the kids ?I was no money to buying flight come back and keep waiting he sends my passport . What I can do now if I want to see my kids .In the UK low .do I have a right to see my kids ? I am very grateful if you could answer my questions, thank you for your time. Regards Winnie

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Clare replied 3 years ago.
Thank you for your question.
My name is Clare
I will do my best to help you but I need some further information first.
Are you back in the Uk now?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes .I back to UK .I apply for a new passport .and my old passport still on my husband hands .He stop me coming back to England .

Expert:  Clare replied 3 years ago.
When did you return and have you seen the children?
Where are you living?