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Hi can you please give me some advice, in our work place there

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Hi can you please give me some advice, in our work place there are 7 people who work here all self employed. The lady i am asking about has worked here for about a year she is a lesbian which i new from the start, which didn't matter in the slightest to me as i believe people are people no matter what race creed colour or gender they are. A little bit confusing to me as she lives and sleeps with a man and has sex with women as well. She is also a feminist and is a big believer in women's rights etc. I know all this from talking to her and reading her Facebook posts which is all fine. She is a really nice person and her work is excellent and gets on fine with everyone. I have no problem at all with any of this as her and her work are very good. Right! about 6 weeks ago she came to us all and told us she wants to be a man, OK no problem, we are all supportive of her. She has changed her name to Harry which i actually picked and i signed the form as a witness for her. Still Great. The problem now is she wants us to refer to her as him and tell all her customers who she has had for a year and know her as a woman and her new customers to refer to her as him. I have said to her that this will happen over time and just because she has changed her name, and changed it on a few documents that it doesn't make her a man straight away, as she looks like a women, talks like a women and is still a women in my eyes, please tell me if i am wrong as its just a very funny situation to be in. We all support her but this needs to take time for the change over. The rest of the staff have all approached me telling me that they feel very uncomfortable telling the customers she is now a man. I have looked into this and am led to believe that she has to lead her life as a man for 2 years, be on some sort of male hormone replacement therapy and then go in front of the gender recognition panel who assess her and if they think she has done enough she will then be given a gender recognition certificate. Then she can be classed as a man. We all agree with that part then it gives us and the customers time to get used to the change over. She is now threatening to prosecute me as i am not referring to her as a male. She says that her gender clinic which she has only been to once just to meet them and talk about her background etc tells her it is the law and we should be calling her a male. Surely just changing your name, and changing it on a few documents doesn't make you a man, or does it. I am very confused and need some advice on the law. We are all supportive of her but this is causing a bad feeling in the work place. Please help

You are absolutely correct, she needs to apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) first before her new gender is legal, until then, her birth gender is what is legal and she has no grounds to prosecute or take any legal action against you.

There are various conditions which need to be met before she can apply for the GRC, including living in her new gender for at least 2 years, which you have already picked on.

You may refer her to this Government page:

All the best
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