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Ben Jones
Ben Jones, UK Lawyer
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Hi, have had a man from rockex look at my property this morning.

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Hi, have had a man from rockex look at my property this morning. Was wondering if legit or con. Any info greatly appreciated.

Ben Jones :

Hello, my name is ***** ***** it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today.

Hi, it depends as to what you define as a scam. The company could undertake the work in question but there is no easy way to determine what the quality would be or what you will exactly get for your money. The company in question has been mentioned a number of times in online reviews and it appears it is part of a group of cold callers which adopts somewhat pushy sales tactics to get their customers. That in itself may not necessary be illegal or a con but then until you have actually had the work done (or not if that may be the case, in the event it is a real scam) then you cannot easily determine who is legit or not. You are very much relying on past reviews and comments from people who have dealt with them in the past and you can only obtain a limited number of these, also without actually being able to verify how genuine they are. People can often vent their disappointment online and you will only get their side of the story, competitors could pose as dissatisfied customers and so on.


In respect of this company then the following comments are a selection of what is available on them online:


“A coordinator in Herne Bay has advised that representatives from a company called Rockex H-P (based at***** Bicester, Oxon Tel. 0845(###) ###-#### are cold calling at properties in the area to offer condition surveys of older houses - including into the evening. The reps offer ID and seem to be polite, but are very pushy. They have presented some occupiers with a green or yellow A5 card headed "Certificate of Entitlement" and tried to get them to sign a contract (although it is unclear for what exactly). Accounts of this company, and others with various names which use this 'sales' approach, are widely reported on the internet - many appear to use contracts which are in clear breach of the law, in that there is no mention of a cooling off period or the right to cancel.


We would generally advise not to buy goods or services from cold callers and certainly not to let them into your home for any reason. If you are in any doubt about door to door sales persons trying to advise of possible defects in your property remember that you don't have to sign anything. If you choose to enter into a contract make sure that your statutory rights are fully protected and never pay for services before carefully considering the matter and checking the authenticity of the company.”




“Had a visit on 14/05/13 from a dubious company, offering to do roof insulation, etc.


They seem to be the same people who have previously targeted Lewisham residents under different company names over the last decade, though this was for exterior wall work - some of those trading names were: Red Ball Marketing Ltd./ROCKEX H-P/Home Improvement Marketing Ltd.


This rep said their website was Eco-Homes I googled the name and there is a website for Ecohomes Consultants who have a statement naming this other company and disassociating themselves from them, also stating that they do not use a direct sales approach.


I have contacted Lewisham Trading Standards and recommend that others do the same, as they apparently don't consider taking action until they have had several complaints.”




“There doesn't seem to be any mention of this scam company on the internet under this new name. They were operating last year as Red Ball Marketing and previously as Red Bull Marketing. They claim to be part of "Bayer Global Marketing". They have some websites but they are not real companies, or are listed as dormant at Companies House. Their addresses are not genuine. Latest used:***** Bicester, OX26 4PP does not exist.


It's the usual doorstep cold call and pretend that you need building work. They can be very agressive and hostile, they will rip people off big time. Avoid.


BBC TV's Watchdog are investigating them.”





Customer: So would it be right to say that they might be ok quality wise, it's the sales technique that is questionable?
Ben Jones :

I cannot comment on that, I have obviously not had work through them and I cannot see anyone that has commented on that either, so to say their quality of work is acceptable would be a total guess and something I cannot say

Customer: Sorry I wasn't clear, the problem in the main is the sales pitch as nobody knows about the work... Doesn't sound good to me! Thanks for your help. I hope you enjoy your Sunday and have time to get out in the fab weather!
Ben Jones :

oh I see, yes correct - you have to wonder about those companies with very hard sales pitches - if you do good work and have a good reputation it would probably not be necessary to rely on that to generate business.

Thank you and you too - reminds me I have a garden waiting for me :)

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