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I am a 59 y old veterinary surgeon and a pay day company called

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I am a 59 y old veterinary surgeon and a pay day company called Lending Stream claim that in 2012 they lent me money for which I have not repaid. I have reported it as identity fraud and obtained my Experian credit report. Lending stream appear to have Lent the money based on my name and address only. They do not have my email or date of birth but having contacted their fraud department they have my mobile telephone number. The date of birth quoted on the lending transaction from Experian gives a date of birth which is not mine. I have not requested or received money from Lending Stream. After a lot of difficulties I have spoken to their fraud dept ? (Call centre India etc) they say I need to complete a form. They wished to email it to me but I requested it was posted . Nothing after 6 weeks. My question is is it safe to give them my email and date of birth to clear the issue up or could they just insert this information in their records. I am unlikely in the future to need credit but a new bank account is currently impossible
Many thanks Nick

It may help if you get your solicitor to write them a letter, pointing out the fact that you have not borrowed any money from them and to send your solicitor proof that it is indeed you who borrowed the money e.g. produce the loan agreement signed by you. They will not be able to do this.

You should then get the credit reporting companies (Experian) to remove this record from your credit record by filing a dispute with them.

I would not give them your email and date of birth and let them correspond with your solicitor.

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