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Question:How long is it deemed legally reasonable under UK

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Question:How long is it deemed legally reasonable under UK law to withhold solicitors details when asked >?? and also what is the legal stance on supplying non valid solicitors details to the police when asked - what is my recourse thank you

I am a freeholder and also leaseholder of a small house 5 flats (my share of service charge 25%) A new leaseholder also 25% share fails to provide his solicitor details yet always threatening court action for costs and damages for alleged Trespass by his City Lawyers. The police last year when he caused a breach of the peace obtained one set of solicitors details but that solicitor informed us they were not acting for him and the practice he did use in the summer has now declined to act for him
The challenge is He tries to block and delay basic maintenance repairs that are recoverable costs under the service charge (not that he ever pays his service charge) - he has been threatening me for over a year with high court action for costs and damages for Trespass when I effected a basic roof repair ie the lease permits access to the outside of his premises to carry out repairs with due notification, he keeps harping on that he does not consent yet the lease permits !!
We then had water pouring onto the electric and gas meters outside and he again blocked this repair for 9 weeks eventually got sorted out with police presence other wise the house would have burnt down all the other leaseholders covered the extra costs due to his delay as we know its not worth fighting him for any kind of payment.
Now due to the st jude storm in England the gale force winds blew the Durgo top of the soil pipe - its a simple repair e one day scaffolding one plumber and resealing the top of the soil pipe. The insurance company has agreed the claim but he keeps going on and on about NO Consent to access his land - yet I as freehold and have a duty and liability to repair according to the lease - oh i forgot to mention he hasnt paid his ground rent and service charge in 3 years and a specialist firm of solicitors is addressing this but its taken 6 months so far and the Judge gave directions for him to put his defense in via typed copy as his hand writing was indecipherable of course he didnt and he wont disclose to the solicitors or myself his reasons for non payment albeit 3 years ago he did tell the mortgage company it was the ground rent which was reserved correctly even if there might have been a slight error at the time
I dont take his stance personally as he is in similar situation with tax man on his business and the main house was raided by police and bailiffs last year sept when he didnt pay his warehouse utiity gas bill for 3 years
he is making me quite ill with his constant threats of high court action but i know I am not in the wrong
he keeps claiming and stating his solicitors will be in touch in due course and I think he is going to wait the full 6 years to make his frivolous and vexatious claim for damages when all the witnesses are gone yet what damages there werent any

Just to let you know the type of individual we are dealing with see this Google review

He is au fait with the court system I am not his last frivolous action in court can be found here
But back to my original question

How long is it deemed legally reasonable under UK law (if any ) to withhold solicitors details when asked >?? and also what is the legal stance on supplying non valid solicitors details to the police when asked - what is my recourse thank you

I am afraid there is no legal obligation to provide solicitors details in such a situation and I am afraid there is not much you can do other than to ignore the person's threats or bluffs about taking legal action.

As long as you are doing what is permitted under the lease, then there is nothing to worry about and in fact you may get your own solicitor to write to this person and point out their obligations to pay service charge and to stop harassing you.

May I help further?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Your answer is good thank you but not 100% clear , please confirm I have understood your answer correctly

1)So In the UK there is no reasonable time frame to provide solicitors details when requested

2) so providing non valid ie false details when requested by police is legally acceptable and hence not an offense

1) Yes, as there is no obligation that a person must have a solicitor;

2) lying to the police is an offence.

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