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Good afternoon I have put in my application for British citizenship

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Good afternoon
I have put in my application for British citizenship on 3rd June 2014
I received one fixed penalty for speeding going 35 miles in a 30 zone on 6th June and I notified them that something has changed.
I have now received another fixed penalty notice for going 35 again in a 30 zone on 19 June 2014. I know this is my fault and I am not justifying it at all. Since my application has already gone through I am aware I need to notify them of any changes. I have written to them to let them now that I know have 6 points on my licence because I have received two speeding tickets.

Another thing I have been reading about is about parking tickets and this could be another reason for refusal. I used to share the car with my brother but the car is registered in my name. He was careless with where he parks and he always gets a ticket. He has so many tickets but he does not seem to bother to pay for them because it is all registered in my name. Will parking fines affect my application? At the moment I am thinking of just paying off the parking fines but he has left it so long that there are now debt management companies involved. He does not have any access to my car now but the damage has already been done. This has caused many arguments between our family, but this is neither here or there at the moment. There are about 15-20 parking tickets I think but not even sure of the entire amount. Does the home office have records of this because the car is registered in my name?

Please could you let me know the likelihood of my application being refused on these grounds and if it is refused are there any grounds I can appeal on?
Once again I admit total responsibility and realise this is my own fault that I am in this situation.

Any help would be extremely appreciated.

There is no right of appeal against refusal of a naturalisation application.

As a general rule, you should not have more than 1 fixed penalty notice in the last 12 months of your application.

If the parking fines are from private companies and not the local authority, you should be fine, as long as the private companies have not obtained court judgements against you.

Anyway, you have now put in your application and have informed them of your FPN's so you should wait and see what happens.

You may be lucky and get an approval.

Hope this helps
Customer: replied 3 years ago.



Thank you for your answer.


They are from the local authority-Liverpool. to avoid any action can i set up a payment plan with them so that they dont obtain a court judgement against me? would that stop the procedure although i have told them i was not the one who parked and passed on my brothers details it is still coming to me cause i am the registered keeper. Any suggestions on this please?


i realise that only one FPN and i have recieved two in the space of two weeks, if only i had know i would not have put my application in- hindsight is a strange thing.


would it be worth getting my application reconsidered if it does get refused?


many thanks

Yes, you should try and set up a payment plan with the council as they could take enforcement action against you otherwise which will affect your application for naturalisation, coupled with the 2 FPNs.

No, it will not be worth going for reconsideration as the policy is clear regarding good character.

All the best-please leave feedback
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

UKSolicitorJA ONLY


Good afternoon

I will most definitely leave feedback- don’t worry! You have been very helpful.


I contacted the local authority and there are 8 outstanding parking tickets. I managed to set up a payment plan. When the home office check this will they see these tickets and what effect will this have if they do see this?


Once again thanks for your help.

As long as no enforcement action has been taken by the local authority e.g. court summons, and as long as your account is in good stranding e.g. payment plan set up, you should be fine.

Your main worry and problem is the 2 FPNs.

All the best
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you so much

Brilliant advice.


Will wait and see with the 2 FPN.


Thanks and Warm regards


Welcome and good luck