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Hi There I am currently in the UK on a 2 year youth mobility

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Hi There

I am currently in the UK on a 2 year youth mobility visa and I have had a business I part own go into liquidation back home in new zealand. One of the suppliers that I hold a personal guarantee with for the outstanding account has threatend to bankrupt me in new zealand and the UK if I don't pay the account. I am not currently working as I have a briken leg and I have no assets to sell to pay the debt. If they bankrupt me in new zealand that is fine I can deal with that when I return but what I realy want to know is given the debt is a new zealand debt can they pursue that debt here in the uk? If they can bankrupt me here how would that effect my Visa? I imagine also that this would be a costly exercise for them to pursue me here also would it not?
That you for your time and I look forward to your response.

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Yes, judgements issued by NZ courts may be enforced in the UK, so they can pursue you for the debt in the UK.

Your UK visa will continue until its validity date, so that shouldn't be a worry.

Yes, it would be a costly exercise for them to pursue you here and it would only be worthwhile if you had assets in the UK.

May I help further?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.



They intend to file for bankruptcy against me in new zealand, which i'm fine with, that's their legal rite, So once they do that I'm no longer liable for the debt under the terms of the bankruptcy is that correct? So when I say they intend to pursue me here as well for bankruptcy, can they do that once the debt has been dealt with by way of the bankruptcy in NZ? So just to confirm if they choose to bankrupt me in the UK as well that will have no effect on my Visa and my ability to remain in the UK and would be an expensive exercise for them with no reward especially since I don't have any assets?


Thanks for your help




Your assets are used to pay off your debts in a bankruptcy and after you are discharged, you are usually debt free.

Yes, you could be made bankrupt in the UK as well. It will not affect your UK visa and ability to remain here until your visa expires.

All the best
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