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where would I stand in terms of the inheritance of 143k if

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where would I stand in terms of the inheritance of 143k if it ever came to court in the future, it was received August2012.
Thank you for your question.
As I said the fact that is was kept separate and there are ample other funds available which will more than adequately rehouse your ex then you should be able to argue successfully that the inheritance does not need to be shared
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

just one more question,if I did not purchase the property for 145k,i.e. refused what what would the situation be in terms of the house in view ofthe fact that our daughter of 14 is living here. would this mean that it couldn't be sold for 4 years? Could I be made to leave the house whilst her mother stays?That would be unbearable.On the plus side it would mean I could hang onto my savings for 4 years more and as long as the inheritance could definitely be ringfenced it probably wouldn't work out that much more expensive.

Who will the child live with if you do pay for the flat?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

If I go ahead and buy the flat my daughter would remain with me at home.If I refuse the wife would still be at home as well.saying she has nowhere despite her infidelity.Incidentally .she has a good salary with an nhs lump sum to look forward to quite soon, I on the other hand will have under 40k left and about 1300 per month pension to not only live on but also care for my daughter and send 200 per month to my son at uni, so I wold be constantly dipping into my savings.But anyway,the main question was could I be forced out of the matrimonial home under any circumstances?

If your daughter wishes to remain in your care then no there is little chance that you would be forced to leave the Matrimonial home - unless of course you are violent (which I am sure you are not)
However neither can you force your ex to leave unless she is violent - or the financial side of the divorce is settled