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Hello Im Mr k XXXXX.and Im looking for a law

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Hello I'm Mr k XXXXX.and I'm looking for a law that stops class a drug users..I.e..heroin crack..met.anfetermin..ext living or being given a council house or association house were young families live and people the could in time rather become drug addicts as TGE become teenagers and the lack or respect doing drugs in places were children could find needles or worst the drugs itself...if this has.not happened yet it will and the clock is ticking..this is becoming a on going problems wk on wk on my estate and I feel I have poetry to do something and exposed the corruption in the association and council and hi ranking.police officials on the same board setting.up a defect council to seek capturecontain and known knowledge that this has bin used.before we're.I live..the ider is .if the police can have and know were a large number of these users. In one place.. And large sums of oney changed hands to make the wad sick thing was it design and planes ..I lived.on this brick estate of.justb130 houses.I moved.there in feb 95 and left in 2009 out.of.the 130 only two were left myself and one.other .so from a new estate everyone else was a.class a.user and everybody else.earher just put up with it.and.pray that the kids we had.our own neighbourhood watch and every night the kids park becamefull if needles and.tun foil even down some drive ways needles and everything that goes with it and all the council police and associationcome up winsome if the.most unbelievablereasons for having 98+% of class a drug addicts in on place..u left shortly after that but since that time Antill now it's never left me to dig deeper..all being said about 4 months ago I started seeing things from were.u was living the three months to date um seeing more and more strange faces with the tell tail sing of drugs. There lots if children in this estate ans bigger.but u have a nasty feeling its starting here..and I need to jump in this if YIU with this there in the 1971 drugs act or a law that I can present and stop this happeninf here ..thankyou best kind regards ***** ***** time.on this regards ***** ***** sussex


Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.

I am sorry but there is not.

Obviously there are other penalties for this conduct.

However, nobody can be refused housing on this basis.

They can, of course, be evicted from a council house if they use it as a drugs selling point. Crack houses are fairly quickly possessed.

However, the fact that a person is a dealer or a user is not a ground to refuse them housing as indeed neither is any other form of anti social behaviour.

Can I clarify anything for you?

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